Kenyan celebs gang up in “Nyoka Ya Shaba” to kick out Miguna Vs Oguna from YouTube trends


Image cover of Nyoka Ya Shaba video [Photo/Xtian Tela]

After controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna’s hot session with Government Spokesman Colonel (retired) Cyrus Oguna went viral and, topped trending videos in the country, Kenyan celebs have ganged up and toppled it from the top spot.

Groups of Kenyan highly rated artists and media personalities have ganged up and dropped a hit song that has gained top spot on YouTube Kenya trending videos.

On Friday, a group of celebrities, Kamene, Andrew Kibe, Xtian Dela, Exray, Magix Enga, Timmy Tdat, Jua Cali, Kristoff and Harry Craze shared their hit song dunned “Nyoka Ya Shaba” on YouTube, and by Monday morning, the song had already emerged at the top pf trending videos.

“Nyoka Ya Shaba‘ is now tending at number one has so far been watched over 200,000 times.

The tittle of the song was derived from the Holy Book, Numbers 21:8-32, where God asked Moses to make a poisonous snake that could save those who had been bitten by other snakes.

“Jifanyie nyoka ya shaba, ukaiweke juu ya mti, na itakuwa kila mtu aliyeumwa, aitazamapo ataishi. +(Make a poisonous snake and place it on a pole. Whoever is bitten can look at it and live),” read the verse.

Contrary to what the real “Nyoka Ya Shaba” was meant to, save lives, the hit song narrates bedroom matters and nothing close to the word of God, and the ‘Nyoka’ in the equation is not a usual snake, if you know you know.

However, it is a nice hit for those who enjoy new style of Kenyan music dubbed ‘Gengetone’.

Here is the song.


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