Worst mistakes women are making in marriage


All married women and potential wives come here, we need to talk. There are serious mistakes you are making either deliberately or unknowingly that will soon wreck your marriage. Most of the challenges you are facing in marriage are self-imposed. No wonder there are constant fights, disagreements and cheating cases in marriages. The good news is that it is not too late to change. You can still make things right from the following tips. Here are the serious mistakes that might screw up or entirely end your marriage.

Employing a very beautiful maid

There are high cases of men sleeping with their maids and this mainly falls on the choice of the maid you employ. When you employ a gorgeous maid is like you have brought your husband the second wife. Most men will not be able to resist a beautiful maid hence will do all they can to get her to bed. House helps fear their bosses thus sleeping with her will just be a walk in the park. If you employ a house help and he seems to be very excited about you choice then you are in trouble. When you are a young couple, better get an elderly house help or someone comparably less attractive.


Nagging your husband is the leading reason why he prefers to stay out late. Some wives nag about literally everything. There is nothing that her husband will do that will make her appreciate no matter the effort. Men are therefore left with no choice but to turn to bar attendants, call girls and side chicks for solace. It is okay to complain when he is falling short of your expectations but watch the limit. The more you nag, the more you drive your husband away. Instead of too much complains, have a meaningful conversation and help him be the best you want. Always be supportive to your husband, listen to him and appreciate his efforts.

Denying your husband sex over petty reasons

Giving your husband his conjugal rights is the greatest way to build a strong bond in your marriage. Am well aware men have a higher sexual drive than women. However, you cannot be making excuses and denying your husband sex then expect all to be well in your marriage. Sometimes women come up with petty reasons to refuse making love to their husband. Some claim they are not in the mood, not feeling well, too tired, they are stressed, in their periods and many more. More so, some even just refuse to have sex as a punishment when he does something wrong or fails to get her what she wants. You need to understand that the more you keep denying him sexual satisfaction, the more you are encouraging him to seek it elsewhere. Unless you have a genuine reason not to, never deny your husband his right to sexual satisfaction.

Comparing your husband to your father or ex-boyfriends

There are usually strong bonds between ladies and their fathers. Actually, fathers matter a lot in the ultimate choice a lady makes of who to marry. Most ladies with perceived great dads will therefore use their fathers as the gold standard to rate their husbands. She will expect him to do the good things that her father does to her mother. That is the reason many ladies never see their husbands as good enough. Some even compare their husbands to their ex-boyfriends or ex-husband. This is why they never get satisfied with what they have and end up making their marriage to be so miserable.

Putting work or career ahead of family

Women just like men deserve to work and build their careers. Nevertheless, women are the cornerstone of any given marriage and if they forego this big role then their marriage will fail. Putting work or career ahead of your family is one of the bad choices a lady can make. Let your marriage and family come first at any given time. Taking care of your husband and children is a huge task that you cannot even delegate to your house help. You need to be there yourself. You have to do it by yourself. That is the only way to bond your family and keep it strongly together.


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