Why men disappear once she gets pregnant


Pregnancy is becoming one of the top causes of break ups in relationships. Whereas getting pregnant is supposed to bring joy and celebration, at times things go the wrong way. Instead of happiness it turns into sorrow, bitterness and suffering. More often the guy might deny being responsible for the pregnancy or simply cut off the relationship with the lady. The lady is then left alone to take care of her pregnancy and nurse her broken heart. Here are the common reasons why the pregnancy can cause a break up.

Fear of responsibility

Not everyone in a relationship is willing and able to carry the responsibility of being a father. Especially unmarried guys who are not ready to settle. The knowledge of having gotten a lady pregnant does scare single men so much. There are so many requirements needed to sustain the pregnancy for nine months and grow the child to adulthood. Unless a guy if well able and willing to meet these responsibilities, it will be hard for him to stay in the relationship. Whenever the lady breaks the news of the pregnancy to him, that is where he most likely quits the relationship.

Mood swings and emotional changes

It is very challenging to deal with the constant mood swings and emotional changes of a pregnant lady. This is particularly very tough on first time dads. They are probably so green on parenting and dealing with the lady who is ever changing from one emotional state to another. She will want this when you bring it she has already changed and no longer wants it. One minute she is happy laughing while the other minute she is angry or depressed. Keeping up with these changes can be so demanding that some decide to end the relationship and disappear.

Physical changes of the lady

Pregnancy literally changes the entire appearance of the lady. Those sexy well-fitting dresses and eye-catching flat tummy disappears. She might also stop paying attention to fashion and simply dress the way she feels. The great effort she used to put in applying makeup is nowhere to be seen and that stunning look she used to have is all gone. You look at her and wonder is she is really the lady you truly fell in love with. This can be a whole new perspective from which a guy can view his woman. From this point, some consider it a mistake having been with that lady in the first place and simply walk away.

Paternity issues

For a guy to joyfully accept the responsibility of being a father, he has to be absolutely sure the child is his. Let there be no doubts in his mind that another man might be responsible for the pregnancy. Being in a relationship marred with numerous infidelity accusations might make it hard for the man to own up to the pregnancy. I keep telling ladies that if you truly love your guy then prove to him that you are very faithful and loyal to him. If you keep jumping from one bed to another, one man after the other it might be difficult to get a man to stand up for your pregnancy. Should you tell your boyfriend that you are pregnant yet he suspects you of cheating, chances are he will decline and end the relationship.

Circumstances leading to the pregnancy

How the lady got pregnant is also a major determinant of its outcome. Sometimes a guy can decide to buy emergency pills for the lady after unprotected sexual intercourse but she refuses to take them. On other occasion, a lady might predispose herself to unprotected intercourse thinking she is in her safe days while she is not. She therefore becomes pregnant yet the guy was not ready for that. Since he bought the pills and she refused to use them or she assured him she was in her safe days, he might deny responsibility and break up with her. This is one of the most common scenarios in pregnancy. Ladies have to watch out for their safety to prevent unwanted pregnancies.


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