Why guys avoid ladies


Being ignored by your boyfriend is one of the unpleasant moments a lady can go through. Especially if you truly love him. Men ignore women for varied reasons. These can range from simple misunderstand to more serious relationship matters. However, some men may decide to ignore women for reasons best known to them. Let’s look at the reasons why some guys choose to ignore ladies.

If their love is not being reciprocated

When a man falls in love and makes a move, he expects the lady will reciprocate. In the event that he is madly in love and yet the lady does not feel the same, he might start to ignore her instead. Some men when rejected will prefer avoiding the lady in question so that to help them move on. Giving up the pursuit is usually the last resort when the guy is absolutely certain that the lady will not give in.

If the lady is already in a serious relationship

It can be very demanding making a move at a lady who is in a serious relationship. There are a number of reasons why a man can start ignoring a lady in this case. First, he might be mad at himself for misreading her signals or being blind to reality. Sometimes he might be mad at her for giving mixed signals or acting like she was interested. Furthermore, it will be hurting him to spend time with her, knowing they can’t have the relationship he wants. The best way to save himself from such trouble is by ignoring and avoiding her.

Obsession with career or other engagements

There are guys who are so dedicated to their work that they do not have time for women. They might be working so hard to build their career, establish their businesses, work on their passion or nurture their talents. Therefore, women to them are like a distraction that they choose to avoid for them to get the necessary concentration.

Fear of rejection

The art of seduction and winning ladies is never easy to some men. After going through several series of rejection, they may give up and opt to avoid ladies completely. Nevertheless, some are too shy and afraid to approach a lady since they already foresee a rejection. The gut feeling of being rejected and possibly embarrassed makes them to shun away from ladies.

Previous traumatic heartbreak

Those who have experienced a serious traumatic heartbreak knows it is the most hurting feeling ever. Once bitten twice shy. Since not all can master  the courage to move on with someone else, some men after a very hurting break up will keep off ladies totally. They feel like all ladies are the same and when they date they will be heartbroken again. This is very common when a guy is yet to fully heal and recover from a previous traumatic break up.

Being scared of love

Love is a very complex experience that calls for commitment, dedication and seriousness. It also makes one vulnerable and at times easy to manipulate. A guy might be scared of loving because of what he sees in other relationships or his family. Those coming from families with very violent and abusive parents might develop a negative attitude towards dating. Similarly, those who witness traumatic and hurting experiences in relationships of their close friends may choose to ignore ladies to avoid undergoing the same.


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