Things Gentlemen do for their Girlfriends


Times are changing, so should we. Loving someone who loves you back is awesome. However, the phrase i love you is not enough. Have you ever looked at a beautiful skyscraper and wished it was yours? That is how relationships should be.  You should be able to look at your lover with admiration and contentment. Unfortunately, reaching such heights in a relationship is not easy. Those gorgeous ladies you meet daily are someone’s investment; a gentleman’s. It takes patience, time, dedication and finances to make an attractive lady.

The group of men who can do all that are the gentlemen. They are very unmistakable. Even in a group of many, they always stand out in words and in actions. They hold their lovers dear to their hearts and endeavor to make them the happiest ladies alive. Check out what they usually do for their girlfriends.

Frequent communication

Communication is one of the key pillars of a good relationship. It is through communication that a relationship is strengthened and issues solved. Gentlemen know this secret and use it to their advantage. They keep in touch with their lovers at least three times a day. They can’t bring themselves to start a day without checking in on their lover. Several calls again during daytime and before they retire to bed. Their communication is meaningful, well-structured and purposeful. They enjoy talking to their girlfriends and the feeling is mutual.

They are well mannered and respectful

Gentlemen treasure their women so much. They always respect their opinion, ideas and wishes. Their actions are sincere and mature. They offer  them thier jackets when they  are feeling cold and pull seats for them to sit.  They do not shy from opening a door for them. Gentlemen know their women are priceless and treats them as such.

They are true to their words

Honesty is always their policy. A gentleman do not lie to his girl unless it is absolutely necessary and for the common good. He always keeps time to appointments and date and will apologize in advance if he won’t make it. A gentleman makes promises he is sure of and does all he can to keep them.

They Compliment them

A lady needs appreciation. Her efforts should never go unnoticed. A gentleman is ready to compliment her for her role in the relationship and for being a part of his life. He is keen to specific details and ready to support her to achieve her dreams. He notices small changes in his lover and speaks about it.

They take them for dates and vacations

Spices make food more delicious, so does dates and vacations. You need to break away from normal routine and environment and enjoy some private time together. Dates and vacations offer a good time to bond and get to know each other better. That is what they capitalize on. They take their ladies out on dates and vacations and enjoy each other’s company. They in the process make their relationship stronger.

Take them shopping

There is an innate sense of responsibility in them. Gentlemen do not let their women suffer. They support them financially and are keen to ensure all their needs are taken care of. I know ladies work too and make their own money, but the gentleman ensures he compliments her shortfalls. He does not shun from taking her shopping or offering money for upkeep.


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