Things every man wants in a relationship


Relationships can be a happy haven or the worst nightmare. It all depends on how the lovers play their cards. Sometimes a relationship can end not because of lacking love and affection but because of not knowing the right recipe for love.

Men mostly do not open up to tell their women what they want from them. It is up to the lady to find out on her own what her man wants. A house or a relationship is built majorly on the pillars laid down by the woman. For you to tame your boyfriend or husband, you first have to know his cravings and fill in the gaps. Let us now look at what men have been dying to have in a relationship:


This is a top menu item for men. This is what spikes men’s ego the right way. It is what men dream of when they sleep and think of when awake. A slight smell of infidelity or rumors about it really shakes men to their bones.

The best gift a lady can offer a man in a relationship is fidelity. Men are very proud of their faithful partners and will once in a while brag about it to their fellow men. Its their source of pride.


Men always aspire to feel the seriousness and dedication of their lady to them. Let your man know he can always depend on you to be by his side. Show him that the he means the world to you and you do not plan to leave him no matter what. Prove to your man that you are ready to fight for his love should another woman try to come between you two.


Don’t you ever go easy on your man with compliments? Always shower him with praises. Some have a notion that its ladies that need compliments but i can confirm to you that men too die for compliments. When he compliments your dress on a date, he expects you to return a favor and compliment his outfit. Learn to appreciate his kind gestures and the fact that he chose to you out of all women in the world.


A good relationship is the give-and-take one.  Let it be a mutually beneficial relationship so that your man does not feel overexploited. Support comes in many packages. Support him emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially. Offer him a shoulder to lean on at his worst moments and be there to celebrate with him during his best moments. Be the partner he always wanted and make him your best friend.


It is good for lovers to spend time together. It helps them to bond and get to know each other better. However, men desire some personal space as well. Try to allow him some space to clear his head, hang out with friends or just set his life goals. When your man asks to allow him spend a weekend alone, don’t take it personally. When he asks for some space, be generous enough to grant his wish. It helps him to clear out his issues, refresh his mind and get back to you a better person.


Trust is earned and it takes time to build. It is hard to trust your man completely but at least you can trust him to some extent. Men want to be trusted even if there are some red flags in your relationship. They want you to believe their words and actions. they expect you to have faith in them and know they always act in the best interest of your relationship.

You might have some doubts about him, but do not openly display that to him. If a trust issue comes up, be frank to approach him nicely and get his side of the story. People make mistakes and he is no exception. Give him a second chance when he falls. Mold him into the trustable man you want him to be.



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