Sure signs she is a gold digger


People enter into relationships or hook up for varied reasons best known to them. With the cost of living ever rising and the desire to live a fulfilling life, motives to dating have changed. Most ladies have moved from “I love you for who you are” to “I love you for what you have”. This is why they do not want to commit to relationships but rather prefer being on the loose to be with whoever they want provided he has what they want. They pick men as targets, milk them dry then move on to the next target. No wonder very few ladies can stick with a guy when he gets broke. Here are the typical signs of a gold digger.

She always ask for something before having sex with you

A gold digger will use her body as the weapon against men. She clearly knows how easy it is to get anything from a man once he wants to make love and thus will use that to her advantage. Whenever a guy asks to meet her, she will ask for something in return first. Furthermore, she has to make sure whatever she wants is provided before giving in to any sexual escapade. She will make up some sad stories to win a man’s sympathy and make him give her the money or buy her what she wants. In most cases, when she fails to get what she wants, she will make up excuses just to deny him sex. Some common excuses are that she is on her periods, she is not in the mood, she is stressed, she is not feeling well or she was not prepared for it.

She is ever curious about your financial status

The common denominate between you two is money. Your finances determine the extent to which you will keep her. She will be carrying out periodic financial evaluation just to ascertain your viability. Gold diggers hate it when you say that you are running out of cash. Once your account has ran dry then that is when she dumps you for another loaded dude. One good thing with a gold digger is that she will never lack a reason to dump you. She is ever prepared for the end game and she knows exactly how everything will play out. More so, she knows very well when you are fully loaded, when you are starting to go broke and when you are totally broke. Since she was never in love with you to begin with, she simply calls it quit and disappear.

She does not want commitment or a serious relationship

Commitment ties her down to you and that is the last thing she can ever want. She will always advocate for an open relationship and demand that you take things slowly. Being in a serious relationship means meeting your family, friends and relatives and that is what she is avoiding. She wants things kept between the two of you so that when she leaves you, no one else will know about it. Commitment also makes her vulnerable and that is against the core principles of being a gold digger. To be a gold digger you have to stay in control always and you cannot achieve that if you are in a committed relationship.

She has a very expensive taste

Expensive is a prerequisite for being a gold digger. She has to look, walk, smell and talk expensively. With that she can get the attention from the right targets; rich or wealthy guys. When you look cheap and dress cheaply, you will easily attract common hustlers. That is the least of her expectations. She will hang out at expensive restaurants in town, join golf clubs and make friends with high profile personalities to get the rich dudes she wants. Some prefer old men because they are easy to convince and not so demanding like the youthful guys. She will want to be taken shopping abroad, bought expensive cars, designer clothes, mansions, and plots or be opened a capital intensive business.

She is very seductive and persuasive

In this game of gold digging, without the right charm you can never succeed. You have to have a sweet lying tongue that can easily persuade a guy into giving you the unvetted access to his accounts. You have to come up with new plans to keep money flowing in. A gold digger therefore will be very seductive from the way she talks, behaves and dresses. By the way, such gold diggers are very good in bed. They have mastered an art of men satisfaction and whenever she has a session with a guy, he will live to remember her and keep asking for more. Just like a well-made honey, one encounter with her is never enough.



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