Study: University girls want at least Sh5000 in exchange for sex


Man counting money [Source/India Times]

A recent study in Kenya reveals that at least one out of four university girls are having relationship with older men, commonly known as ‘sponsors’

The study which was done by Busara Centre for Behavioural Economics revealed that university girls expect at least Sh5000 each and every month from her sponsor before he is allowed to have the ‘forbidden fruit’.

In the study, 252 girls from Nairobi based universities were interviewed. The girls were aged between 18 years to 24. Other 238 participants using random digit dialling were also involved in the study, where 13 % revealed that they expect money for sex.

“Thirteen per cent of participants reported expecting money in exchange for sex, be it from a boyfriend or casual acquaintance. And regular support of $50 (Sh5,000) a month was associated as strongly with boyfriends as with sponsors, indicating that “price” (that is the level of support provided) may be a stronger indication of sponsorship than the presence of financial support in itself,” the study reveals as quoted by Nation.

The study went went further and revealed that the sample girls rate their lovers as ‘sponsor or boyfriend’ depending on his role on her life and the bills he meets.

A boyfriend is supposed to clear minor bills like outings, meals etc, while sponsor is given bigger bills including paying her rent, gathering for her trips as well as their beauty expenses.

The study also concluded that majority of the participants want sponsors who are financially stable.


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