simple ways to catch a cheating boyfriend


Fidelity is a key pillar of a relationship. However, men sometimes can run loose and start messing with every beautiful lass they come across. You therefore have to be keen to safeguard your man and the territory. Always trust your gut. Never ignore your instincts. They are in direct contact with reality. Once the doubts set in, he starts to act strange or you start hearing rumors, it is time to take action.

Cheating is a serious issue and a delicate matter so you should approach it with a lot of care. First, ask him nicely about the same and gauge his response. If the answer is not convincing enough or your gut tells you he is lying, then find out on your own. There is no need for a private detective, you are good enough.  Let me warn you early enough that this can lead to a break up if he finds out. The following are simple ways to catch him if he actually is cheating on you:

Surprise visit

This is one of the best ways to catch him in the act. You need proper timing to achieve this. Preferably at the time he least expects you. I would recommend a weekend or that day he seems to be avoiding you. Talk to him early enough letting him know you will not be available. But if he has been avoiding you, do not bother to talk to him. Then drop by his place unannounced. Make sure you have a good excuse to tell him should you find him alone.

Use his best friend

Guys generously share information about their love life with their best friends. His close friend knows every detail of who he is dating, who he has a crush on, who he has slept with, who he is hitting on next, where and when. The only challenge is such friends are hard nuts to crack. Milking such sensitive information from them is not going be an easy task. You nonetheless have to either find their weak point and exploit it or bribe them with something they want in return. Even if he won’t give you the exact specifics, but am sure he can point you in the right direction.

Follow him

Well, seems you will have to be a private detective of your own. You do not have to follow him every time. There are certain times you need to be closer to see who he hangs out with. First you have to observe his change in routine. Watch out which bar, hotel, apartment or office he frequents. That is the place you should follow him to. Ensure you don’t bump into each other nor does he see you. Keep a safe distance and observe who he is with and how they behave around each other. To be certain you have to watch them on several  different occasions.

Check his phone

Although cheaters are very careful with their phones, they at some point make mistakes. You need to be patient and relentless. Wait for the moment he makes the mistake and then you strike. He might be deleting his call logs, texts and messages on social media but one day he will forget. Or still you can be checking on his recycle bin, you might get lucky. Once you get access to his phone, quickly check on the “favorite” section, call logs, messages and social media.


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