Shocking secrets your boyfriend is hiding from you


No matter how much you love each other, you can’t open up totally. There are certain insecurities, dark pasts or current actions you just must hide. On a similar scale, men hide more than women. A woman in love can open her heart and share a lot. However, a man in love will still be considerate on the information he shares. Your man has dark secrets or yearnings that he would rather take to the grave than tell you. He will pretend he is fine but at the back of his mind a lot of things are going on there.

He still has feelings for his ex

Getting over an ex is not as easy as you may think. Especially an ex they dated for long and did a lot together. There is a bond between them that that can outlive their relationship. He may not admit it but he occasionally misses her like crazy. He might even be keeping in touch with her. Worse still, he might be having sex with her.

He is seducing or sleeping with your friends

This is the big one and the hardest to admit. He might be busy making passes at your friends and sleeping with those who accept. Then he will be acting like all is just fine. It is a very common behavior among men. Even if he is not seducing them but at least there is one he admires and fantasizes of making love to.

He reads your messages and stalks you on social media

Most ladies when they are in love, they freely allow their lovers to use their phones. This is a good sign of having nothing to hide and faithfulness. Your man might be pretending not to care about your phone and social media during daytime. However at night when you are deep asleep, he takes his time to study your call logs, messages and direct messages on social media.  To find this out, start setting passwords on your phone when about to sleep. Then wait for it.

He buys commercial sex workers

The guy you sees as very faithful do have some downtime as well. This is mostly when you are not around to quench his thirst; you are on your periods, during pregnancy or when you out rightly deny him. He simply sinks into his wallet and procures the services of the commercial sex workers. Then comes back to you with the “it’s okay honey I can wait” pick up lie.

He masturbates

Remember those emotional late night calls and the nudes he asks for at night. Then play a big role in his sexual satisfaction.  If you are keen enough you can tell when he is masturbating on phone. Some are pornography addicts and use them to achieve their satisfaction. If his appetite for sex is gradually decreasing then this might be one of the possible causes.

He borrows money to meet your needs

Airtime, rent, dates, salon bills, shopping, vacation, movies name them. Money for those demands doesn’t fall from heaven. Men do struggle to meet all that considering they also have their own expenses and family to support. Because your man is afraid to let you down, he resorts to borrowing to satisfy you. This is very common when he is broke and you are the kind of lady who don’t take NO for an answer.

The real number of ladies he has slept with

If your man was to answer this question correctly, you will probably choke on your own saliva. This good guy who tells you that you are his world has had way too many worlds out there. He has explored and experimented with different kinds of women and keeps all that to himself. Whereas many ladies cannot have sex with a man they are not in love with, many men can sleep with any lady provided she has the female genitalia.

The true reason why he broke up with his ex

Forget about the sad breakup story he told you about. Ignore the lies about how his ex mistreated him and cheated and was disrespectful to him. Disregard what he told you about out how he tried to make things work out between them. That was only to earn your sympathy and paint him as a good man. The real truth is hidden far beyond your reach.



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