Revealed: Why ladies close their eyes during sex


Most ladies have the habit of closing their eyes whenever they are making love. This is something that happens either by default or by choice depending on each lady. Men wanted to know why it is so therefore I did some digging and brought my findings. You should first know that each and every lady is unique and her reasons might be totally different from the next lady. Here are the reasons why ladies close their eyes when making love.

To boost concentration

Making love is a sensitive part of human relationships. It has been termed the sweetest feeling on many occasions. Therefore, some ladies prefer to offer maximum concentration to the pleasure emanating from the act by simply closing their eyes. They do not want any distraction to interfere with this moment. All their attention is hence dedicated to the task at hand and anything else can obviously wait. Many ladies told me that closing their eyes helps them achieve an orgasm easily.

To hide the guilt or embarrassment

This is usually when a lady is cheating. Making love to someone else other than your spouse or main boyfriend comes with guilt. In an effort to block the guilt from messing up this moment, she may opt to close her eyes. They say guilt can show on the face or in the eyes thus closing her eyes becomes a better way to deal with it. Some ladies might have set some principles and standards so when they are going against them; they want to hide the guilt or embarrassment through closing their eyes.

They are feeling pain

At times making love is very painful especially if there was inadequate or no foreplay at all. Since the lady might be afraid to tell the guy to stop, he may just allow him to continue as she persevere the pain. Other than making painful sounds, she may also close her eyes to that effect. I always advice ladies to be open to their partners whenever they feel pain during intercourse. You don’t have to sustain bruises and injuries at such a time as this when you should be enjoying to the fullest.

They feel shy looking the man in the eyes

There is also the idea of looking the guy in the eyes while in the game. Some ladies are naturally shy while others only feel shy at this moment. However, other ladies claim they close their eyes because they fear seeing the weird expressions on the man’s face. Whatever the case, the fear or shyness makes them to close their eyes instead. No wonder some prefer making love at night with lights off.

They are fantasizing about someone else

This is the case when a lady is making love to someone who is critically underperforming. The subconscious mind will take her back to the moment she made the best love ever. She might even replay the whole sexual encounter with that great guy. She will be using such memories to sustain herself during the entire love making process. At times she might achieve her orgasm just from those fantasies and not the current love she is making.


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