Revealed: 10 Clear reasons why he is cheating on you


With the rampant cases of infidelity all over, i wanted to know why they are so. I took the liberty to research on the reasons why guys are cheating on their girlfriends and wives. Lucky enough, many were willing to open up and share freely. After in debt analysis of varied reasons given, i came up with this masterpiece. I have tried to be as comprehensive as possible. It is my wish that this will be helpful. If you truly love your man, it is always advisable to fight for him. So get the knowledge and decide on your own what to do with it.

1. Revenge

You might have cheated on him or he might have been cheated on by his ex. So he has taken upon him to revenge by cheating as well. It is not that he loves it but he does it to kind of calm his anger and frustrations.

2. Addiction

Some men are so used to making love that they cannot do without. Since you might not be willing to satisfy his insatiable appetite, he takes it elsewhere. He might as well be afraid of you knowing about the problem. The only option is to have it with other women.

3. Immaturity

He might not have been in any committed relationship before. More so, he does not understand that his actions have a negative impact on his girlfriend. The guy might also think that as long as you do not find out, he is not hurting you.

4. Developmental milestone like adolescence

Some men missed adolescence or did not successfully go through it. Now they are faced with uncontrollable emotions and they just cannot stick to one lady. All they want is jump left right and center.

5. Desire to experiment

Many a times the desire to experiment with different ladies drives men to cheat. It is not that the lady he is dating is not good enough but he just wants to know how other ladies taste like. Common triggers are when people praise certain type of ladies or ladies from certain tribes. If he is not dating that kind of lady or the lady from that tribe, he will want to find out for himself.

6. Confusion

Normally because he has not made up his mind about what he really wants. He is confused about who to date and what to expect from the relationship. It is this confusion that makes him to go after  each and every lady he comes across.

7. He wants to break up with you

A guy might be planning to break up with you but wants to find another lover first. So, he will start cheating to build the other relationship before officially quitting the current one. If you catch him cheating, sometimes it is because he wants out.

8. Trust issues

Men who have issues trusting others especially women do cheat easily. They find it hard to love and trust one woman fearing they may be heartbroken. Cheating becomes some kind of insurance should one lady decide to break up with them.

9. Communication break down

If communication between you two is impaired, he might be motivated to cheat. This may be due to a feeling that you are bound to break up soon. Sometimes due to the desire to fill up the gap created through reduced communication.

10. Loss of love and affection

When love and affection is lost in your relationship or marriage, he is destined to cheat. Men are sexual being and only a few can withstand a relationship without affection. You can either work to rekindle your love or watch him fall into another lady’s arms.


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