Mistakes guys make when they enter into a relationship


When she just accepted to date you and emotions are running high, there is a huge room for serious mistakes. That is where men blunder so much and things take an unexpected twist. Being too excited when things are going better than expected is a warning sign of a possible screw up. Rule number one of being an alpha man is to always keep your emotions in check; never be overrun by your emotions. These are the mistakes guys make when they start a new relationship

They want too much too soon

Making love to a woman you love is both exciting and very adventurous. It is practically in the back or front of the mind of almost every man. However, you should not bring it out like it is the only thing you want from a lady. Every lady wants a guy who wants to be with her in all aspects and not just physically. Most men have been capitalizing on their desire to make love to the lady until it turns ladies off. Take things slow, move with her pace and when the right time comes, you will have her all to yourself.

They pretend to be perfect

In an effort to please the lady, sometimes guys act out. They pretend to be someone they are not. They want to literally change everything about themselves so that to keep the lady interested. Unfortunately, that is what ladies hate most. Ladies want guys who are confident about themselves and who act natural and normal. An attempt to make yourself extra ordinary will only ruin good chances for you. Always trust in yourself and be exactly who you are. You are destined to get a perfect match who will love you just the way you are unconditionally.

They change their normal routine

Introducing a girlfriend into your life need not to change what you usually do. You need to stick to your normal routine but also create time for her. Some guys whenever they fall in love, they want to stop hanging out with friends, and abandon their hobbies.  Let life go on the way it used to be and if it is interesting enough then she might want to join you. Never abandon your hobbies and interests just because you have hooked up with a new girl.

They demand too much attention

Ladies always take things slowly and might not jump right into it like the guys expect. They might not be into so much texting, calling and spending time with the guy at the beginning. They need time to get used to you before setting things free. Nevertheless, some guys once a lady has said yes to their proposal, they expect endless calls, messages and always want to be with her. They end up depriving the lady of her privacy and thus end up being seen as desperate and insecure.

Being too mean or extravagant

When it comes to gifting a lady or spending on her, there are certain limitation frameworks that apply. Though some prefer to start things on a high notch, it is not a brilliant idea. Spending carelessly on a lady will make her see you as extravagant and loose. On the other hand, a guy should not be too stingy to his girlfriend. You should not always be making excuses when she asks for money or something else. It is good to make an effort and meet some of her needs even if times are tough. Just be responsible enough to compliment her needs at the same time remember to save and invest for the future. She will definitely love you for that.


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