Men: 10 Questions you should NEVER ask a lady


There are certain very sensitive questions a man should never ask a lady. If i don’t teach you this who will? This is a one on one men talk. The boy child has run out of control with his tongue and ladies are mad about it. They are pissed. They say we are lacking basic communication etiquette. When such a looming crisis reaches my desk, then I have to do something. Men have been asking women questions they are not supposed to. Probably out of ignorance. This topic is not in any curriculum so no teacher, tutor or lecturer will teach you. Furthermore, the topic is very sensitive so your parents and religious leaders will not tell you either. Since i am neither of those, let me educate you.

Questions you should never ever ask a lady


1. How old are you?

Ladies take their ages to be sacred. You are not supposed to ask for the age of a woman. Let her tell you by herself if she wants to. Mostly she will ask for your age and if she is okay with it, she will tell you hers. Should she tell you her age and you think she is older than that, don’t even argue.

2. Can I kiss you?

Never ask a lady for a kiss. Let the chemistry play its part. If you are mature enough you will tell when a woman wants to be kissed. You can also initiate with simple calculated steps and see. If she responds positively, go ahead and kiss her. However, if her response is not welcoming then save it for another day.

3. How much do you earn?

The responsibility to spend lies on you. Do not go fishing for how much she earns. Her salary or wages belong to her while yours belongs to both of you. If she decides to chip in and help you with meeting expenses then lucky you. But you should shun away from asking for how much she makes.

4. Are you dating someone else?

Whether she is dating a thousand guys or you alone is her personal choice. I know it is of great importance to you. You actually deserve to know. Even so, do not ask her about it. Just find out on your own if need be. A group of ladies told me that men should just take them out, spoil them with goodies and let them decide if they are seeing someone else or not.

5. How much do you weigh?

Asking a lady about her weight denotes she is out of shape. Ladies take this question so offensively. Should you feel she is adding weight, simply invite her to join you to the gym. You can also come up with a clever way to pass across the message other than asking directly.

6. Am I handsome?

Keep your insecurities to yourself.  A lady will always tell you if you are handsome. Her friends will as well throw in a positive compliment to that effect. If she has never told you then fill in the gap for yourself. Instead of asking her if you are handsome, just count yourself lucky to be dating her.

7. How many men have you slept with before?

The number of men she slept with before should be the least of your concern. You cannot change the past. If she is not a virgin, assume she has slept with only one other guy and move on.

8. How was your ex like?

Some ladies still value their ex so much. Others are still in love with them. Avoid asking her about her ex. Whatever happened in their relationship let it stay between them. Digging about her ex might restore bad or good memories; both are harmful to your relationship. Some even shamelesly ask a lady if her ex was better in bed than he is.

9. Are they really yours?

We both know there are fake hairs, skin colors, accent and so on. Do not ask if they are real. She went through all those to impress you. All you have to do is get contented with her current state. Must you know then find another way to without asking her.

10. Why are you single?

A lady can be single by choice or by default. She might be single because the jerks she always come along only are interested in her body and once they get what they want, they disappear. Sometimes a lady might be single because she has not find the right guy for her. The reasons for her being single should not bother you. In fact, you should be rejoicing to have found her single.


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