Ladies: 8 Questions you should NEVER ask your boyfriend


By nature men are supposed to be strong. They are not supposed to take things personal. Actually as the men species we are very strong. We endure a lot and go through varied experiences silently. However, there are certain topics that make us uncomfortable. Ladies you have to stop asking us sensitive questions that we hate most. Maybe you have been asking them because you did not know they are offensive. So, I took the liberty to pass the message across.

1. How much do you earn?

A man’s salary is private and confidential.  Do not ask a guy how much he earns. If you have needs or expenses you want taken care of just say it. But asking about how much he makes so that you can start budgeting for it please stop.

2. How big is it?

We really understand that you want to touch, feel and use it but never ask about it. Even when curiosity is killing you, just hold on till the right time. Patience pays right? When the right moment comes, you will be given an opportunity to explore it all you want.

3. When will you propose?

Listen here, a man will propose when he thinks he is ready. Stop bothering men with questions about the expected time of engagement. More so, an engagement is best if it is a surprise.  Give the good guy time to put things in order. When he knows he is ready, he will go down on one knee and pose the big question, “will you marry me?”

4. Do you always host ladies in your house?

The keyword there is his house. He therefore reserves the right to host any lady he so desires. Unless you two are officially married, never ask him whether he hosts other women in his house.

5. Which kind of ladies do you like?

He is dating you so definitely he likes ladies like you. Nevertheless if he likes different kinds of ladies he will not admit it to you. I always tell ladies to get contented that they have him and stop worrying about the type of ladies he like.

6. How many ladies have you slept with?

Whenever you ask a guy this question, he is like should I find the square root and divide by 4? Trust me you don’t want to know the real number of ladies he has been with before. Simply work on building a strong relationship with him and forget the previous numbers.

7. Given a chance, what will you change about me?

There are a lot he would like to change about you. Remember you are not perfect. But since he is not perfect either, he has accepted things as they are. Just let the sleeping dog lie. Such a question can bring him some awkward ideas.

8. Between me and your mother, who do you love more?

Okay, you can ask all those other questions I told you not to but not this one. A guy will hate you or even dump you for this question. Avoid it like plaque. How can you even start to compare yourself to his mother? Yes he might love you more than his mother but never ask about it. You and his mother belong to totally different love spheres.


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