How to stop your man from cheating on you


Listen carefully; men do not cheat because they don’t love their wives or girlfriends anymore. They cheat for varied reasons ranging from the desire to experiment, peer pressure, immaturity, lack of self-control, revenge, insecurity, boredom and sex addiction. Whereas it is almost impossible to tell the exact reason behind his infidelity, it is practically possible to stop him from cheating. With the rampant cheating cases lately, it is safe to take the necessary measures to bring back your guy to where he belongs. This is how to stop your man from cheating on you.

Let him know you are aware he is cheating

Cheating is only interesting if kept secretive. Once it is discovered, it loses its sweetness. Once you suspect that he might be cheating on you, do not hesitate to air your views. Make sure you are polite and pose it as a simple question since you do not have the evidence. When you are relaxed together just the two for you, simply ask; “Honey you have changed, are you seeing someone else?” Of course he will deny it but trust me he will break the other affair. Men love their girlfriends or wives and do not ever want to lose them for the side chick. If you have evidence of him cheating, then plainly present it to him. That will cut his ego. There might be some temporary down moment but he will come around, apologize and hopefully change for the better.

Ensure he is sexually satisfied

Sexual satisfaction and the desire to experiment are among major causes of unfaithfulness. A man who is sexually satisfied will less likely cheat. Do not be so hard on your man when it comes to giving him his conjugal rights. Many ladies deny men sex as a punishment whenever they wrong them or fail to get them what they want but that is a very big mistake. You will only be pushing him away and towards another well accommodating lady. The concept of also coming up with petty excuses just to deny him sex will only mess your relationship or marriage. If you want to stop him from cheating then start giving him hot steamy sex. Experiment with different styles and different places like on the cough, in the bathroom or kitchen, in the car, on the stairs and on the floor. Learn also to initiate it; do not always let him be the only one to start.

Try new things and new looks

Being adventurous will keep him interested in you always. Learn to try out new looks and new ways of doing things. He might be cheating because of boredom and when you break the routines, you definitely win him back. Get yourself new attires and dress well always. Try new cooking recipes and cook delicious meals for him. When you are just the two of you, dress up in a sexy and tempting manner to stimulate his desire. Instead of eating in the house always, try going out with him for dinner in a restaurant. Let your appearance be appealing; do your make up if you have to, dress nicely, smell good and behave well.

Prove that you truly love and treasure him

Some men cheat because they think your love for them is over or coming to an end. Men want to be loved and treasured just like little babies. It is your duty to ensure that you prove to him that he has your unending love and loyalty. Treat him kindly, handle him with care, respect him, appreciate his efforts, buy him presents and be committed to him. Show him that he does not have to look anywhere else for you are there for him. At times a man might have been abused or mistreated during childhood and thus all he seeks is true love. I can assure you if you prove to him that you truly love and care about him then he will never cheat on you again.

Stop nagging and avoid being too controlling

Nagging and controlling behaviors account for about 30% of cheating cases. Men hate nagging and controlling girlfriends or wives. If you keep complaining about this and that you will only be encouraging him to seek solace elsewhere. To effectively keep a man then you have to stop nagging and start having a meaningful conversation. Articulate your issues and find solutions together instead of nagging him. Controlling a man is like looking down on him and he won’t like it. Being submissive if the ultimate guide to loyalty and men truly adore submissive women. If you want to have your man back then stop nagging him, be supportive and understanding. Drop the controlling personality, be submissive and see how that works wonders in your relationship or marriage. That ladies, is how to stop a guy from cheating on you.


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