How to rebuild broken trust


It takes time to build trust but can be lost in a second. Once trust is lost, it is very difficult to rebuild it. However, lost trust can still be rebuilt. You only have to know how to do it and do it correctly. You cannot force someone to trust you again. Trust is earned and it comes slowly and naturally. Though it might vary depending on the circumstances leading to the loss of trust, there are certain gold standards that work all the time.

Admit to the mistake

The first step to rebuilding trust is by admitting you made the mistake in the first place. There is no way trust can be rebuilt without one taking the responsibility for their actions. Owning up to the mistake is the show of sincerity and willingness to change. You have to let your partner know that you acknowledge your fault and from that you can work on the way forward. The greatest challenge to rebuilding trust is that many people keep denying their mistakes hence the prolonged mistrust.

Sincerely apologize

A heartfelt apology is the perfect medicine for healing broken trust. You need to show you are truly sorry for what you did and promise never to repeat it again. Unless you are ready to give a sincere apology, you better not apologize. A fake apology would only worsen things. Take all the time you need but whenever you decide to apologize then do it sincerely. Make it known that you understand the repercussions of your actions and are sorry about them.

Allow him/her time to heal

Even after admitting the mistake and apologizing, healing does not occur instantly. It will take time for your partner to come to terms with what happened and trust you again. Be patient and give them time to find their way back to trusting you again. Some expect that since they have apologized now the other person should magically restore the lost trust instantly. That will never happen and have never happened before. It is even easier to restore lost love than lost trust. Always give them time and they will slowly learn to trust you again.

Be transparent and trustworthy henceforth

For trust to be successfully rebuild then you have to be behaving in a trustworthy manner. You have to show you have changed by being very transparent to your spouse. If you keep acting strange then it will be hard to restore the lost trust. Do not give room for any doubt of your trustworthiness. The time it will take to rebuild the trust depends largely on how well you will behave during that process.

Allow them to express their anger

When you break someone’s trust, it will definitely hurt them. This is particularly so especially when you cheated and was caught. There is anger, disbelieve and bitterness your spouse will be going through. Some may not want to see you others might insult you or even fight you. If your spouse does not want to see you then give him or her some space. If they are violent and abusive then you need to keep distance. Let them express their anger and when they have calmed down then you can approach them for a meaningful conversation.


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