How to make your man feel loved


It might be easy to fall in love but sustaining it is always challenging. Whereas ladies can easily settle once they fall in love, men tend to have some wondering eyes. You therefore have to keep impressing him to sustain his interest in you.  He needs to know that you value his presence in your love and that you are doing all you can to keep him. To make a man feel loved is so easy when you know the exact things to do. This is how to do it.

Be there for him

Availability in a relationship is one of the things guys like very much. You need to be there for him during his best and worst moments. He has to be able to count on you at all times. Whether he is feeling unwell, going through a tough time, he has lost his job, he is celebrating his birthday or promotion; you should be there for him. That assures him that he can depend on you and with that he will feel so much loved and cared for.

Meet his needs

This ranges from physical, psychological, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. Do not let him struggle with sexual desires when you can meet them. Create time for intimacy and romance. Ensure that you take care of his need for sexual satisfaction. Whenever he is undergoing emotional or mental challenges you need to help him through them. Hold his hand through each step and encourage him. If you have time or stay together then you can do the cooking, cleaning and washing for him. Basically make yourself useful in all aspects of his life. Remind him or accompany him to church if you are Christian, mosque if Muslim and temple if you are Hindu.

Give him attention

Everybody likes to be given the necessary attention. You have to listen to his concerns, plans, propositions, ideas and suggestions. Putting what he says into practice is a sure way to win and keep his heart forever. Men have got an ego that does not go well with being ignored. Do not be busy with your phone or doing something else when he is talking to you. If you want to make him feel so loved and treasured, give him the undivided attention.

Get him a gift or present

Mostly its men who give ladies gifts and presents.  What many do not know is the magic behind a lady buying a gift or present for her boyfriend. A guy will really feel special when he is gifted by his girlfriend. It’s just that many are not used to it or might not say it but they are ever yearning for it. Get a watch, a tie, a wallet, a belt, a book, a phone, a cloth or any other gift for him and you will no doubt touch his heart. It does not necessarily have to be expensive but provided it is from a sincere heart with love then he will feel so loved.

Appreciate his efforts

Men do sacrifice a lot to make their women happy. They take odd jobs, borrow from friends, empty their accounts or forego their own needs. It is so disappointing if a guy can go through all that and end up unappreciated. They always sacrifice out of a good heart and thus they deserve an appreciation. That simple thank you means so much to him. Never take his effort for granted. Always learn to appreciate even the little things he does. That is the way to encourage him to do more and to feel loved.

Call or text him frequently

Communication is the cornerstone to a successful relationship. No matter the channel you use, it is always good to keep in touch with your lover. Whenever you feel like just send him a text or call and talk to him. Do not be the kind of lady who always has to wait for him to start the conversation. Show him that you care too by starting it. Reach out to him to tell him how you love and miss him. Guys do feel so good whenever they receive a message or a call from their girlfriends or wives. Do not be left behind. Take this under advisement and go out of the way to make your boyfriend or husband feel loved and cherished.


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