How to make a guy jealous


Men love a challenge. They like chasing after ladies that make them sweat. When a guy wins a lady easily, he will treat her cheaply. Making him jealous is the sure way to win his heart and keep his commitment. Whenever you prove to a guy that you are not desperate, he will go an extra mile to win you over. More so, he will treat you so delicately because he is afraid of losing you. These are the best ways to make a guy jealous and forever interested in you.

Be happy and look smart always

Being truly happy with yourself and your accomplishment is the first sign of being expensive. If you happen to always be smart also that proves to guys that you are the rare gem they were looking for. A show of having your life in order will make a man drop all he has and dedicate himself to chasing or keeping you. Take cute pictures of yourself and post them on social media. Post even those of you hanging out and having fun with friends. His perception about you will change and he will treat you just as the queen you are. You not only win his love and affection but also his commitment and dedication.

Flirt with other guys

Flirting with other guys means you are approachable, social and mature. That combination tells a guy that even without him, you still have so many options out there. Whenever a guy knows you are not desperate, that automatically makes him vulnerable. He will no doubt have a reason to do all he can to win you or if you are already dating then to keep you forever. Men feel offended when their girlfriends flirt with other guys; especially better looking or more successful guys. It is this jealousy that will cut down his ego and drive him a notch higher to keep you contented always.

Try ignoring him lightly

You do not have to consent to everything a guy says all the time. Though it is a good show of loyalty and submissiveness, at times it shows you are desperate. Learn how to lightly ignore a guy sometimes. When he texts you, take some time before replying. If he calls, at times just let the phone ring and disconnect then you will call him later or pick it when it is just about to disconnect. Never be cancelling your plans every time he wants to see you. Occasionally decline informing him that you have other commitments. You may think this is a bad idea but it is actually the best. Men love it when you sometimes fail to meet their expectations. He will respect you for that and even miss you more.

Do not give in easily

Giving in easily is the easy definition of being cheap and desperate. No man wants to have a serious relationship with a lady he considers easy to find. He feels that just the way it was easy for him to get you that is how easy it will be for other guys. It will be difficult for him to trust you under such circumstances. Make him work hard before getting you and give him reasons to continue working hard to keep you. That is how to tame an alpha man. He wants you to keep him on toes. Be calculative and know when to compromise for him and when to put him to task. That way, you have him forever.

Be a little mysterious

Being so predictable is the easiest way to loose men. If a guy can master everything about you then he will automatically loose interest in you. Being mysterious drives men crazy and makes them want you even more. Let him keep wondering what you are up to. Never let a guy read you like the palm of his hand. Always prove to him that you are dynamic but still precious. Men know that it is impossible to understand a woman so keep it that way.


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