How to handle competition in a relationship


Competition is part and parcel of any given relationship hence you can’t do without it. Whether you know about it or not, your lover is definitely being seduced by other interested parties out there. You can win over some and at times loose to others. What is most important is how you handle yourself in the face of a competition that threatens to ruin your relationship. Competition can subject you to unnecessary pressure, stress, anxiety, psychological torture, jealous and insecurity.  Here is how to deal with competition in a relationship.

Stay calm and handle your emotions

Whenever competition sets in, you might be tempted to approach the other person and warn or fight them. Since there is a threat to the status quo, you might also lose your peace of mind. However, you cannot effectively compete when you are out of control. So it is very important to accept the presence of competition and keep your emotions in check. Projecting your anger and frustration to the other party will only worsen things. Therefore, the first step in competing is accepting the presence of competition and putting yourself in the right mindset to compete fairly.

Never underestimate your opponent

This is the golden rule of competing. No matter how less qualified, less successful or less attractive your opponent is, never look down upon them. Always take your opponent as an equal and handle them appropriately. Do not at any given point allow overconfidence to impair your judgment.  It does not matter how long and what you have done with your lover, provided there is someone else who has joined the game, things might fall either side.

Play a different game

For you to win a match you have to play a different game from your opponent. Do not copy paste what your rival is doing. There are rivals who play safe while others play a very dirty game. Find a different way to win back or keep your love without doing the same as what someone else is doing for him or her. Being unique proves originality, maturity and confidence that will go a long way to make you the ultimate choice.

Be willing to win or loose

Competition is competition and there must be a winner and a loser. Even if the person in question is your boyfriend or girlfriend, there is a probability to win or lose. Therefore, you need to have an open mind. There is obvious pain that comes with losing hence you should start preparing early enough should things go sideways. Even if you win, things might not be the way they used to be. Since change is inevitable, start preparing for it.

Go an extra mile and prove yourself

This is the time to prove to your lover that you truly love him or her and you are not willing to let go. Do not accept to go down without a fight; not the physical fight. Bring out your best charm and unleash all your best side. Do all you can to ensure you come out victorious. If you never used to take your lover out, now is the time. Go on vacation, hang out, explore dates in different romantic spots and have adventure to help strengthen your love bond.


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