How to easily win back your ex


The love bond is not easily broken even after a break up. There will always be a point of connection between two people who were once lovers. That explains why sometimes it is so easy for people to reunite with their ex. Since you already know so much about your ex, restoring the lost love might not be so difficult. To pull off the best reunion with your ex, here are the easy ways to go about it. How to get back with the ex you dumped.

Give yourself time to heal fully

Before you dumped your ex, there must have been clear reasons that lead to such a break up. You therefore need to heal completely from it before you start working on a reunion. Even if you are the one who dumped the other person, you might have been hurt or disappointed. Give yourself time to get over it. There is no way you will successfully reunite with someone when you are full of anger, bitterness and a broken heart. During this healing period, never make contact or communicate with your ex.

Better yourself

You have to come out a better person for your ex to consider reuniting with you. Since you are the one who dumped him or her, then make it known to them that you have changed. Your ex does not want to go through the same heartbreak again and hence change is inevitable. They need an assurance that you have changed for good in all aspects. You have to be better physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically.

Reach out and initiate communication

When you reach out to your ex, do not keep your hopes high. There is a chance they have moved on with someone else or they are just not interested in you anymore. Should your ex agree to talk to you, take thing slowly. Start by restoring friendship. Never be in a hurry to get intimate with them. Just work on restoring the affection between you two. More so, take your ex slowly because they need time to heal as well.

Discuss the break up and the way forward

To move on you need to clear things about the past. Do not just assume that all is well then start making advances. Have an open discussion with your ex about the events leading to the break up and the role each of you played in that break up. It is okay to blame one another at this point. What is most important is that you each own up to your mistakes and make a commitment to change henceforth. This is the critical point of the reunion and thus make sure you come out as sincere and apologetic as possible.

Make your intentions to reunite known

Simply because you reached out to your ex does not mean you want to reunite. Some reach out because they need help or they want friendship. If you intend to date your ex then let them know. Actively listen to their side of the story and how they feel about the reunion. Never push your ex to say yes. Should your ex say no, give them time and talk to them about it again. If you do it right then you will definitely win back your ex.



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