How to easily identify a hit and run guy


Guys can be a little bit out of context sometimes. When you are truly in love with him, his agenda might be far away from dating. Hit and run has become a current trend in some men quarters. He comes, plays holy and serious and after tasting the sweet waters, he disappears into thin air. That is not to say all men are such. All you have to do is know who is for real and who wants a free ride. The question then becomes how you distinguish the real from the fake. I have the answer to that. Am presenting typical signs of a hit and run man. Then you only have to sit down, relax and smell him from a mile away.

He wants you to visit his place from day 1

There should be some kind of order in relation to dating. It is always good if you start by hanging out.  You can go for a date and meet in open places before visiting his place. A hit and run man want instant things. The same day you meet him he wants to take you to his place. Most of his talks or messages will be centered on hosting you. He will try the much possible to avoid going out on a date. All he aims at is you two in a private place where he can take advantage.

He talks much about sex

A hit and run man all he wants is sex. When texting or talking on phone he will be really pushing for it. He will try so much to arouse your feelings. In many occasion he will ask for nude photos and fantasize about love making. He is very willing to send you nudes as well. Basically, he will not be talking or planning anything meaningful other than sex.

He avoids spending on you

Mostly a hit and run is the stingy type. In as much as he wants you in his bed, he keenly guards his pockets. He will come up with all manners of excuses when asked for money. The funny part about him is when you ask him for money for transport to visit him, he will send before you even finish asking. If you are unlucky to meet the totally stingy, he will tell you to use your fare and he will refund you. A hit and run man will not be willing to go for dates, vacations or spend on you.

He lies a lot

A man who constantly lie a lot about so many things is a big suspect. He lies about his career, family, friends and goals. Most of his stories are fake and he assumes a superior position than his real self. Information he presents cannot be verified because they do not exist. This kind of man will also brag so much about his accomplishments to easily win you and get you to his bed. Once he meets his objective of making love to you, he cuts communication and varnishes.


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