Facts about being a single mother


Single parenthood is one of the major challenges of the 21st century. This can be attributed to the increasing rate of divorce, break ups or men abandoning their ladies once they get pregnant. Many women then end up bearing the burden of raising their kids alone.  This has shuttered many ladies’ dreams, broken their hearts and posed the greatest challenge they never anticipated.  There are certain facts you therefore need to know about single motherhood.

You really need help

Raising kids alone is a huge burden that you can’t bear on your own. You need all the help you can get to ensure you give your children the best parenting. Help comes in terms of finances, emotional support, spiritual backing and psychological care. When left alone you might even lose your mind. Never be afraid to ask for help. Let family, relatives, friends and any other support system offer you the much needed help to bring up your children in the best way possible.

You struggle so much at the beginning

It is not easy coming to terms with the fact that your partner has left and now you are all by yourself.  You will miss their presence, their personality, their support and what you used to do together. If you are not financially stable then you will also struggle meeting daily needs of your family. Kids will keep asking about the whereabouts of their dad and it will be hard explaining it to them. Single motherhood is a new way of life that will definitely take you sometime to adapt to.

You undergo some social stigma

Depending on the social view on single motherhood, you might be subjected to some social stigma. There are those who might look down on you because of being a single mother. Some men will not be willing to date you or marry you for being with a kid or kids. When you go asking people for support, others might avoid you for that. When you finally find a guy who truly loves you and wants to marry you, his parents or siblings might still reject you for already having a child or children.

You have so many responsibilities

Parenting has great responsibilities that might even overwhelm both parents. Now that you are left alone, you have to carry out all the responsibilities which will be too many to handle. This is particularly so when children are still so young and quite demanding. You will have work to do, kids to drop and pick from school, house chores to attend to, cooking, cleaning and many more. All those will be competing for your attention. At the end of each day you will be so exhausted and worn out.

You change your view of men but can still date again

Depending on the circumstances that led to you becoming a single mum, you might hate or disregard men. This is usually a normal feeling before you come to terms with reality. You might make up your mind never to love any other man again and resolve to stay single forever. There are a few who make it while other easily fall back into a man’s arms whenever a chance presents. One thing you can count on is so long as you still have a heart, you can still date again. Since it is good to have a father figure in the life of your children, you should consider co-parenting  with your baby daddy or move on with someone else.


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