8 Things every lady wants to hear from her boyfriend


Whereas sight is the focal point for men, hearing is the center point for ladies. All factors constant, a lady will always fall for a guy who has sweet words flowing from his mouth. It’s like the heart of a lady is directly linked to her ears while that of a man to his eyes. Unless a guy masters the art of what to tell a lady, dating will remain a headache. The good news is that what ladies want to hear are just simple honest common things. You don’t even need to get an application for pick-up lines to get her interested. Just be yourself and package normal things in a sexy envelope and she will love you for that.

1. How gorgeous, charming and attractive she is

If you chose her among many then she has to be the most beautiful, charming and attractive lady. Without saying it she will not know. You have to tell her how you view her. Not even once, twice or thrice but as many times as possible. You have to constantly remind her so that she knows you still feel the same way you felt two years ago when you first met.

2. Your plans for the two of you

No lady wants to be in a relationship that is heading nowhere. She wants to know your destiny is intertwined and you plan to be together forever. An assurance that she is your ultimate choice and that you have no intentions to leave her is what she wants. Failure to make her see herself in your future makes her think you are just using her. If you truly love her then include her in your future plans and make sure she knows about it.

3. You want to take good care of you

When you agree to offer her a shoulder to lean on, take full control. Make her understand there is a new captain who will sail her safely to Disney world. A lady desires a guy who takes charge. The kind who tells her ‘now step aside and let me take good care of you’.  Unless you are adding value to her life, you have no business being in it.

4. The value she has added to your life

Unless she knows her value in your relationship, she might assume she has no value at all. Let your woman know you treasure her opinion, ideas and input. Set clear roles for her and commend her achievement. This is the only way she can feel part of your life and that you need her. It makes her feel like she has a purpose in your life and that she is useful, special and loved.

5. Your support for her needs and dreams

It is not just enough to say it, you have to do it. Whenever you come into the life of a lady, you should add some value to it. If she was struggling with her bills and other needs, be there to support her. Let there be a difference between her single life and dating life. She definitely has her own dreams and aspirations that you have to help her achieve. Sometimes men turn ladies into their subordinates making them forget their own goals. A true lover will ensure you both achieve what you have always dreamt of.

6. How she is your one and only

I doubt if she wants to be with a guy who is chasing after every lady he comes across. A lady wants to be with a man who loves her and is contented with her. Here is where action alone is not enough. Even if she is totally convinced she is your only lover, you have to say it. She wants to be reminded from time to time that the status quo has not changed. More so, she needs your word on it so that she can hold you accountable for it.

7. How lucky you are to have her

You are not the only guy interested in her but you are the one she is with. That should account for something. It is good to let her know she made the right choice and you are grateful for that. You can as well tell her how you felt when she finally said yes to you. At least she will know she has an impact in your life.

8. Will you marry me?

This is the big question every dating lady wants to hear from her boyfriend. A relationship should no doubt head somewhere and marriage is by far the best destination. When the right time comes, you probably should get on one knee and pop this breathtaking question.


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