7 Things every guy really hates in a relationship


There is no perfection in relationships. That does not mean we should stop trying. The success of a relationship or marriage depends on the satisfaction and happiness of both parties. Ladies over time have been doing certain things that men really hate. For your relationship to prosper well, you need to avoid the following.

1. Being so attached to him

Just because he considers you his soul mate does not mean you are his body mate. A man needs space to be alone or hang out freely with his family, friends and relatives. He definitely has other things he would like to attend to alone. Allow him some privacy. A man will hate you for being too clingy to him as it shows you are kind of insecure.

2. Using your ex as an example

Shun away from my ex used to do this and that. If he was that good then you could not have broken up with him. Using your ex as an example also indicates he was better than your boyfriend and men hate being belittled.

3. Over spending his finances

If a guy gives you money to spend, be considerate. Do not go around buying even things you don’t need just to finish the money. Men always love careful spenders. Managing his finances well is a positive sign that you care about him.

4. Being too attached to your family

There is absolutely no problem in loving and being close to you family. However, this should have a limit. You have to prove to your guy that you are able to break the family tie and make a family with him. A guy will always hate it if his lady is so much attached to her family.

5. Nagging

Those too much harassment are just disgusting. Ooh do these do that, why this why that. You are a mature girl who has to understand circumstances as they present. When he says he does not have respect that. Learn to respect his opinion and input. A guy will never meet all your needs and hence live with what is available. Guys hate nagging wives or girlfriends.

6. Too much gossip

We understand ladies must gossip. We cannot dare to stop you from that. Nevertheless, you should know to what extent. You should not be gossiping all day long and expect a guy to be fine with that. As a guy offers you some alone girl time, use it effectively then get back to other businesses. Gossips bring issues in relationships and men hate it.

7. Being too jealous

Well, men too are jealous at times but some ladies are too much. They feel bad when he laughs with friends, talks to a neighbor, sends money to his parents et cetera. Some lady cannot stand seeing their boyfriend even talking to her friends. We are social beings, give us a break.



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