6 Tips on how to get any lady’s phone number easily


For a while I have watched guys blunder when it comes to getting a lady’s number. There are those who even sweat profusely due to anxiety and fear.  I always love it when people achieve their desires. It is my profound duty to see everyone happy. Gentlemen, getting a lady’s number is as simple as breastfeeding. Provided you mother offers you the breast, your sucking reflex will do the rest. I simply want to prep you and guarantee you 98% success rate on all the attempts to get ladies’ phone numbers. Here are the tips that will get you the phone number of any gorgeous lady you so desires.

1. Always look and smell good

Your appearance is the first thing a lady will consider before even talking to you leave alone giving you her number. You have to dress nicely, look neat and apply some perfume if you have to. Being smart also increases you confidence to approach her. A lady will always be comfortable with a good looking man whether a stranger or not. Try and match her standards so that she can be okay walking around with you without feeling embarrassed. You can dress in any type of outfit provided they are clean and you are comfortable in them. However, go easy on perfumes. Do not over spray yourself or use strong scented perfumes; they turn ladies off.

2. Be composed and confident

Take that stunning lady you are about to ask for her number to be just like any other lady. No need to panic. Whenever you spot a beautiful lady, first compose yourself. Remind yourself you are good enough and that she is definitely your league. For the newbies, if you panic, simply breathe in and out three times and wipe away your sweat. Then confidently walk to her and greet her with a smile. Never let her see any traces of fear and panic in you.

3. Strike a conversation before asking for her number

One crazy thing I have ever witnessed was a guy walks straight to a lady and directly asks for her number without even introduction. Never forget there are a million guys out there who also want her number. You therefore have to give her a good reason why she should give it to you. The best way to go about it is to create rapport first. Start and sustain some conversation to create her interest in you. Once you two are getting along well, then you can ask for the number.

4. Mostly use statements and not questions

Some guys meet ladies and literally start interrogating them. He will be like what’s your name? What do you do? Where do you come from? Where do you stay? Etc. shun away from asking her many questions and just have a meaningful conversation. Casual statements put less pressure on her and make it feel like a mutual exchange. Do not fish for too much information on that first meeting. Your main aim here is to get her number then the other things you can create time and talk about them. For instance, instead of “Can I have you number?” you can say “Let me get your number and I will check on you later”. The second part which is a statement sounds better than the first part which is a question.

5. Make her feel special and unique

You have to appeal to her senses to get her number. Therefore, make her feel special and unique to other ladies. Failure to which will make her think you go around asking for phone numbers from every random girl. Make her stand out by offering a nice compliment and a good reason why you chose to ask for her number and not any other lady’s. Nevertheless, do not declare your interest to date her at this point. She already knows what you are after but don’t say it just yet. Making a move right away makes you look desperate and cheap. Never be so obvious, always leave her guessing your next move.

6. Don’t be discouraged when you fail

One common thing when a guy fails to get a lady’s number, he fees discouraged. He loses morale to approach a lady again. The truth is, if you are a beginner, you will most probably blunder and fail a number of times. Nonetheless, please don’t give up. Great guys you see approaching ladies confidently also were in your position at some point. I used to struggle too back in the days but now I can get a lady’s number even in my sleep. Whenever you fail, take it a learning experience and move on to the next lady. Just find out why you failed in the first place so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes. I recommend that you start by interacting with ladies randomly without asking for their phone numbers. Once you become good at interacting with ladies, getting their numbers is just a walk in the park. In fact, some ladies will be reminding you to take their numbers even when you don’t want to. Happy hunting gentlemen. Good luck!


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