6 Things ladies really want in bed but fear to ask


Most bed affairs are controlled by men. Many a times ladies fear expressing themselves and let men take charge. They count on men to anticipate and satisfy their desires. However, this desire a times go unmet because most guys only care about their satisfaction. Once they achieve it, they fall aside and rest leaving her in deep anguish. You cannot entirely blame them, some are so ignorant. No wonder I took it upon myself to share this crucial information. After consultations with experts and opinion from diverse ladies, here is what they crave in bed but fear to ask.

1. More and more foreplay

Sexual arousal is very important for ladies as it provides adequate lubrication. Without proper stimulation many ladies feel a lot of pain when making love. Some ladies are of the opinion that they can do just fine even with foreplay alone. Unfortunately, most guys are sex centered and will want to get into it right away. For you to enjoy some passionate, steamy and mutual sex, ensure you have enough foreplay. Explore her body with kisses, caresses and light touches. Tease her, talk dirty, and finger her till she is very wet.

2. Different positions

It’s crazy how some men fear initiating different positions and yet ladies are dying for them. She does not want you sweating on top of her all the time. A lady will enjoy being on top too. She will want to bend over for you. Making love should be adventurous and such requires trying out several hot positions. Every single style tastes different and she no doubt wants that experience.

3. Orgasm

This is where men have failed by far. Once a man ejaculates, it is all done without knowing the state a lady is in. Ladies too want an orgasm. They want to squirt and feel good.  Very few ladies have experienced this before and those who have knows that it is a memorable experience. Actually it is not too difficult to achieve. You first need the right mindset, then thorough foreplay and delayed ejaculation to give her time to reach orgasm.

4. A guy to be vocal

Men really love it when a woman moans and screams in bed. However, men themselves always keep so quiet in bed. What they don’t know it ladies too want men to be vocal in bed. They want to hear you say how you feel. They want you to compliment and praise her. Ladies say it is so hot when guys swear and grunt in pleasure during sex. It shows they are really into it, which turns them on even more.

5. A man to pay attention

Do not be caught in the moment until you completely forget about her. Making love is a mutual experience and both should enjoy. Learn to differentiate sounds for pleasure and pain. Sometimes a lady is writhing in serious pain and the guy is busy gaming. Others just ignore when ladies tell them they are hurting. A guy who truly loves and cares about you should care about your comfort and pleasure even in bed. He should respect your opinion and be attentive enough to your needs. At times a lady is giving a guy a hint about what turns her on most and yet he is not attentive to notice.

6. The right rhythm

Variation in rhythm is so pleasurable when making love. You should be able to change pace from slow to faster, fastest and moderate. A lady should not be telling you to go faster or slow. You are the one in charge so do it right. Vary the rhythm while gauging her response to each. With time you will get to know which ones she enjoys most. Don’t be too slow that she gets too bored and sleep on the way. Nevertheless, never be too fast that you leave her so much wounded by friction.



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