6 Things a man does only to a lady he sincerely loves


A man in love will do absolutely anything for his girlfriend. He will dedicate his time, energy and resources in building his relationship. Sometimes you might be dating a man just for the sake of passing time. At times you might be in a relationship where you are a backup lover. You therefore need to know your place in a man’s heart. A man who truly loves you will do the following for you.

1. He will fight for your love

A man who is in love with you will do all he can to retain that love. He considers himself lucky to have your love and affection. For him, losing you would be the worst experience in life. That is why he does everything in his power to prevent that. He will stand beside you during your best and your worst of times.

2. He protects you

Love drives men crazy at times. He can even take a bullet for you. His primary objective will be to shield you from physical, mental, emotional and psychological harm. Always vigilant and always on guard, he is ready at a moment’s notice to place himself in harm’s way. He will not raise his hands against you but always treat you tenderly.

3. He empathizes with you

If you are hurting, then he is hurting as well. It is like he can physically feel your pain. Being in true love with someone over time creates a bond between the two of you. Because your paths are intertwined, he wants to share the best and worst moments with you.

4. He will do anything for you

If you are seeing a guy who is stingy to you then he does not truly love you. True love makes a man very vulnerable and extremely generous. A man who has experienced true love knows how valuable and hard-to-find such a thing is. There’s nothing a guy can’t do when he has the love of a woman behind him.

5. He values your opinion

When a man seriously loves you, your opinion matters a lot. You literally become his advisor, lawyer and counselor. He is free to consult you on important matters about his career and future plans. You become a partner rather than a subordinate.

6. He is himself around you

With the nature of true love, you cannot force things. Neither can you pretend or lie. Once a man is in love, he is not afraid to show his real self to you. Being together becomes fun and enjoyable. He wants you to understand him completely.


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