6 Terrible mistakes men make in bed and ladies hate


When it comes to bedroom affairs, there are no taking chances. We have no choice but to satisfy our women. The happiness and contentment emanating from the bedroom can sustain a relationship or marriage even at its worst moments. There is a saying that goes, “There is no dilemma like a lady dating a broke guy who is really good in bed”. That shows how important it is to get it right in bed. There are certain terrible mistakes that are on the rise from the boy child. These are serious issues that many women are struggling with in relationships. The male species need to take this seriously and reclaim the stunning performance record we used to hold in bed.

1. Being selfish

Before you lie down and doze off, ensure she is satisfied too. Otherwise, your sex life will keep worsening over time. The way she will treat you depends much on the way you treat her in bed. You guarantee her satisfaction in bed; she makes sure you are well taken care of always. A lady will ways give you performance hints. Never overlook them. When you pay attention to her cues and play it nicely, you two are destined for greatness.

2. Being so Silent

I know you really love it when she moans and makes those sweet romantic sounds. So does she. She wants to know the feeling is mutual and that you are on the same page. Ladies care a lot about men’s happiness and satisfaction in bed. We should therefore return a favor. Sometimes she will even consent to make love just for the sake of pleasing you. Being silent when making love makes her feel she is not good enough or that you do not like what she is doing to you. Break the silence and let you two enjoy the moment. The best way to go about this is by moaning, expressing yourself and complimenting her.

3. Being so rough

Seriously we have to stop bruising and injuring ladies during sex. Some men are just too rough for comfort. I understand some ladies will beg you to get rough while others are naturally more sensitive. For a better experience, you have to know which type you are dealing with. As I have always told men, you have to start slow. Allow her time to adequately steam up so should you speed up, friction will be well taken care of. Similarly, she will be expressing her feelings. So when she asks you to slow down or speed up, follow her lead.

4. Poor Hygiene

Ladies invest a lot of time and money in being sexy, charming and attractive to men. When she is paying you a visit, she will take hours to put everything perfectly in order. Men too need to keep themselves in good and proper hygiene. Trim your beards and pubic hair, shave your armpits, take a shower and make your bed well. It is absolutely okay to put on some perfume and spray your bedroom too to bring that sweet smell. House cleanliness is also a basic necessity. Ooh! And also remember to wash and change your underwear frequently. Be a gentleman and impress your woman.

5. Failure to explore her body

Once a lady has entrusted you with her body, it’s your job to explore it. You have to discover things on your own. Am sure you already have some ideas on the erotic places on a woman’s body. However, since women are different, you need to find out hers. That is why foreplay is very important. Let the light touches flow from the hair on her head to the toe of her foot. Pay attention and note where she responds most. Don’t just lazy around and ask where should to touch her or where she is more sensitive.

6. Rushing into the act

Women love foreplay. They really do. It is the bridge into Disney world and thus the key pillar to the entire game. They adore being touched, kissed and explored. Foreplay makes them well lubricated and properly prepared for making love. It sets the mood and the tone for the entire process. If she has agreed to be with you, there is no need to rush. Some men are easily carried by the moment that they just want to jump into the act and get over with. Your primary goal should be to satisfy your woman. Think long term, when she is satisfied and happy, she will always be giving it to you. You leave her hanging with burning desire; she takes it somewhere else.


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