6 Sure ways to impress a beautiful lady


Impressing a pretty lady is as simple as I make it sound. There isn’t any complicated recipe to it. It is the smallest things that make a lasting impression. The idea that pretty ladies are hard to impress is not true. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Beautiful ladies are by far the easiest to impress. Never be shaken by their beauty, they have the most welcoming hearts. I will take you through how to impress that gorgeous, charming and attractive lady you are just dreaming about.

1. Always be yourself

You have to start by acknowledging you are good enough to be with her. Never at any point lower your self-esteem. She is probably meeting many guys who fake personalities just to win her. A beautiful lady knows how to separate the fake from the real. When you pretend to be something you are not, she will tell. The best you can do is being yourself and act natural. A sincere heart always open doors. Being yourself makes you comfortable around her and she will definitely love you for that. It is practically impossible to impress her while you yourself are struggling with self-identity.

2. Maintain good personal hygiene

Your outward appearance speaks volume about your inner self. Beautiful ladies spend much of their time putting themselves in the best order. They always ensure they look and smell good. It can be difficult to impress such ladies if you don’t pay attention to personal hygiene. You have to dress neatly and smell good too. Good personal hygiene increases your personal confidence. It is also a show of maturity and self-worth. You have to trim your beards and pubic hair, shave your armpits, take a shower daily, change your inner garments daily, brush your teeth and apply some sweet smelling body perfumes. Up your game to her standards and she will no doubt fall for you.

3. Compliment her regularly

Beautiful ladies are showered with compliments left right and center. Therefore you have to make your compliments unique. First, know when and how to compliment her. If you keep throwing compliments every now and then, you will become just like anybody else. That  won’t be good, remember I told you to be unique. Your compliments have to be sincere and unplanned for. Only compliment her when you feel she is extra ordinary. A compliment should not be a topic for discussion. Just mention how she looks, how you feel about it and move on to another topic.

4. Be supportive

For you to stay in her life, you need to add some value to it. She might be broken and all she wants is a shoulder to lean on. Some guys think these beautiful ladies are simply living in paradise and enjoying life to the fullest. On the contrary, they are even more broken than average girls. They crave for a good carpenter to put the pieces together and meant their broken hearts. You have to support her financially, psychologically and physically. She has needs, desires and goals to achieve hence be there for her. Sometimes all she wants is company; learn to create time for her.

5. Ask for her advice

A lady will always feel good whenever a guy asks for her advice. This proves that you trust her judgment and you value her opinion. It reminds her that she is part of you and you want her in your life. Occasionally seek her advice on important matters. However, make sure you don’t come out as clueless and ignorant. Only get her perspective on a limited set of things. Never let her to be solving every mystery or trouble that comes into your life, family or relationship.

6. Give her some space

When a guy is deeply in love, he wants to be around the lady all the time. That is a big mistake. A lady needs her personal space. She surely has other things to do or other people to hang out with. It is normal to feel jealous or slightly insecure when she is with other people. Nevertheless, keep your envy and insecurity to yourself. Be careful not to turn out as nagging because that will make her start to avoid you. Make her understand that you have other priorities and ambitions to fulfill. A pretty girl likes a gentleman who is motivated and ambitious. Idleness is a turn off.


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