6 Sure hints your husband is sleeping with your maid


It is an emerging trend of men cheating on their wives with their house helpers. The cases have become so rampant that most women prefer employing old women to help them with house chores. This is not to say all men are doing so. Nonetheless, this is not meant to paint a bad picture of our house helpers. However, for the sake of the increasing incidences, it is good we address this issue. The following are key indicators that your husband might be romantically involved with your maid. These signs are just pointers; it is your duty to find out the truth.

1. He sneaks out of the bedroom at night

Watch your husband bedroom behavior at night. Men who cheat with their maids will most likely sneak out of the bedroom at night. He starts to secretly spend the night in the maid’s bedroom. At some point he might decide to buy a better bed and beddings for the house help.

2. He spends a lot of time with her

When love is brewing between them, they become so close. He will want to be around her most of the time. Don’t be surprised if he leaves you in the living room to join the maid in the kitchen. Sometimes he might go to sit with the maid and not with you. He will also look happier with her more than when with you.

3. He defends her all the time

Normally your husband is supposed to side with you. Not always but in most instances. However, if he leans most on her side, something fishy is going on. A man will always side more with someone he loves most. If he is having an affair with her, he will mostly stand by her.

4. He spends more time at home

Men spend more time where their hearts are. If he loves you, he will spend more time with you. Should he be in love with a co-worker, he will spend more time at work. Similarly, if he is in love with your maid, home will be his happy haven. He will be unwilling to leave home early, will come home early or sometimes you will find him at home during working hours.

5. She becomes so rude to you

When your maid starts to have an affair with your husband, she starts to be rude to you. She stops seeing you as her boss but rather consider you her co-wife. The respect and fear that used to be there is gone. She can now talk to you the way she wants because she knows your husband will defend her.

6. She undergoes a sudden make over

There is a certain code associated with house helps. When she started working for you she was maybe dressing decently and in a certain manner. Currently she has changed and dresses in a compromising manner. She is exposing herself intentionally to your husband. She drastically changes her hair, starts putting on make-up and totally changes from the way she used to be. Her wardrobe might also change and yet her income cannot by far cater for her expenses.



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