6 Secrets you should NEVER tell your Lover


Honesty is the best policy. However, honesty has got limits. There are certain things that will only do more harm than good to your relationship if you tell your lover. Despite the fact that you are together, you still have your private life. Do not pre-empt everything lest you make your lover hate you for it. Before you share a supposed secret, think of its repercussions first. It is better to keep some things to yourself. The following secrets will definitely impact negatively on your relationship if you tell your spouse.

1. Your dislike for any of their family or friends

Sometimes you might not like some family or friends of your spouse. Nevertheless, such a secret kindly keep to yourself. Sharing such will bring resentment and bad blood between the two of you. You will also come out as judgmental and insensitive. The person you dislike might be so dear to your spouse and your opinion will hurt him/her. The beauty of life is to pretend all is well and life goes on. Come to think of it, even if you dislike them, you probably cannot change who they are. So, live with it and keep your dislike to yourself. And by the way, maybe the person you dislike also feels the same towards you.

2. How hot his/her best friend is

Everybody knows who among their friends is more and less hotter. They have been living with such knowledge and are okay with it. They know they can do nothing about it. Therefore, your fantasies about his or her best friend should be kept under lock and throw the key in the ocean. The idea of throwing compliments at the friends of your lover is wrong and uncalled for. If you have to compliment, make a brief general comment and move on. To be on the safe side, make sure you had complimented your spouse too. Always show that you are more interested in your lover than nobody else.

3. How good your ex was

At times you are in a relationship and it appears your ex beats your current lover on all scales. You might also be still in love with your ex and wish you reunited. More so, your ex might have been so good at something and you miss it so much. But since you broke up and now dating a new person, let the past be. Whatever feelings, fantasies or desires about your ex keep them to yourself. The worst thing in a relationship is to have your lover praise his or her ex. Actually just  try to better your lover in areas you feel they are not doing well.

4. How you cheated on your previous lover

People have a notion that history repeats itself. If by any chance you have cheated before, never disclose it. You might think you are being honest but instead you are giving him or her a reason to mistrust you. Nasty things like these from your past should never resurface in your present. Never tell them to your lover.

5. Negative things your friends or family say about him or her

Friends and family always frankly share their opinion about your lover. They can say both positive and negative things. You are not supposed to carry such information to your lover.  These things may be painful and not easy to recover from. They will never forget them and may use them to judge them too or form an attitude towards them. If you are comfortable to discuss your lover with friends and family, then keep their reactions within that circle only.

6. The number of sexual partners you have had before

Total head count of previous sexual partners is meaningless. No one needs to know. No one cares. When you share about it, there is a possibility of being misjudged. If you have had many, you will be seen as a loose while if you quote a small number; you might be seen as a liar. Simply avoid such topics. Those are your secrets that you need to guard with your life. Be sensitive, reasonable and secretive on non-issue matters. That way, your relationship will flourish.


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