6 Rules of texting someone you really like


Communication is one of the important wheels that move a relationship. Key among it in the 21st century is texting. Sending text messages and chatting on social media has become so common and useful. However, texting is governed by certain basic principles. Without such guidelines people have been making grave mistakes that end up impacting their relationships negatively. These are the basic rules of texting.

Avoid mass texting

You need self-discipline and self-refrain in texting. When you text someone and there is no response after a while, resist the temptation to text again. If someone is avoiding you, no matter how many texts you send it won’t really help. Sometimes people get too busy to answer texts or are away from their phones. Always allow them time to get back to you before texting again.

Mostly use statements and not questions

This is one of the major problems facing many in communication. They ask questions from the first text to the last until it seems like they are interrogating the other person. A good chat should include many statements and a few questions. Make general observations and comments as your partner gives their view on the same. Only use some probe questions at certain necessary moments.

Keep your texts brief

Remember you are chatting and not reading essays or short stories. Keep your texts brief so that the other person cannot get tired going through them. Learn to summarize most of your content so that you deliver shorter texts. The best way to go about this is to avoid putting so many ideas in one text. Introduce topics in a systematic manner and discuss it gradually as you continue texting.

Use short forms that you both understand

It is a common practice for people to shorten words when texting. Nonetheless, you need to use a short form that your chat mate understands. Do not just write any short forms that come into your mind. Improper grammar can change meaning or create a serious language barrier. Use those that will be easy to be understood. I usually advise people to write full words when chatting with someone new until when they have mastered the kind of short form to use for both concerned parties.

Go easy on emoticons

Emoticons have come out to spice up our communication. They have been incorporated in many social media and thus are being largely used. Before using an emoticon please make sure you understand its meaning. You should also use them sparingly. Do not just be flooding each text with so many emoticons until they mess up the real meaning of the text. More so, minimize or avoid answering someone’s texts using emoticons only. When someone is writing words then have some common decency and write words too.

Text at appropriate time

Pick on appropriate time for both of you to text to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the texting. Avoid texting someone on a busy working day, very late at night or too early in the morning. It is always good to know the best time for both of you to chat. There is no harm in inquiring about it from the other concerned party to avoid inconveniencing them. Just because you are free to chat does not necessarily mean someone else is too.


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