6 Reasons why you should never reunite with your ex


Even after breaking up, sometimes paths cross and people feel like reuniting. The temptation might be so strong that someone feels that is the right thing to do. Reuniting with your ex is easy because you already know them. However, that is the biggest mistake you are making. An ex should remain an ex and life goes no. Here are the reasons why you should never go back to date your ex.

The two of you are still the same

It is practically impossible to change the character of someone. The time you had apart after the break up did not change who you really are. Yes you might pretend to have learnt a lesson and changed but once you get back together, the old self reveals. You start doing the same things that you used to do before the break up. If your partner used to cheat, was abusive and violent, was insecure and so on, expect nothing new.

There is a good reason why you broke up

People don’t just wake up and call off a relationship. Break ups do have serious reasons behind them. Before you quit a relationship, you must have considered all the pros and cons and realize it just can’t work out. Whatever you considered unworkable will rarely work out no matter the number of chances you give it. Reasons like infidelity, violence and incompatibility are irreparable. If you successfully walked away from them, no need to predispose yourself to them again.

You already broke the trust

Whenever you date someone over time, your trust increases. Broken trust is very difficult to be reestablished unlike love. The trust you had about spending the rest of your life with your partner was already broken. Even if you reunite, that trust can never be brought back to where it was or grow further. You will always be second guessing your lover’s commitment. Unlike previously when you could believe all your partner tells you, now you have to think twice about it.

There is no adventure

The beauty of being in love is to have fun and bring out the best of your lover. With your ex there is nothing to explore and nothing new; same person, same taste in bed and same character. You basically know so much about your ex that reuniting with them brings nothing new. You can try to spice things up but it won’t be adventurous like when hooking up with a new lover.

History repeats itself

There is a big possibility whatever caused your break up will occur again. It is in the human nature to keep doing what they are used to do. If your partner was a player, there is a great chance he will continue with it once he has you back. Take for instance an abusive and violent ex, whenever you wrong him even after reuniting, you will still be abused or beaten. No matter how long it takes, once you have settled in, the same old actions will come out.

It is not worth it

There is no big reason why you should reunite with your ex. You should know there are so many better persons out there who will love and treat you better than your ex. There are those who may argue that what if you have a child together. Unless everybody else out there has rejected you because of the child then you can. Nevertheless, such scenarios don’t even exist. Whether with kids or not, there is always someone better for you out here.


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