6 kissing tips you should definitely try out


Truth be told, eight out of ten people out there are poor kissers. Some are very terrible at kissing. This is very embarrassing. Kissing is an important aspect of foreplay and love making. It is the icing on the cake of love. Since it is not so complicated, you have to learn how to kiss properly and passionately. These tips will help you master the art of kissing and drive your lover crazy.

1. Prepare adequately

Kissing requires prior and proper preparations. Especially the first kiss. First impression matters so you have to make it memorable. Start by setting your mind for it. Physical preparations are also very vital. Make sure you have brushed your teeth, cleaned your mouth and preferably chew a mint. A lady can put on some lip balm.

2. Close your eyes

When kissing, concentration is very necessary. Keeping eyes open might prompt distractions. All your attention should be on the moment at hand. The best way to keep the concentration is by closing your eyes and focus on kissing. Simply forget anything else and enjoy the moment.

3. Take roles

In kissing, there are two roles for each of you. One can be the lead kisser while the other can be a follow kisser. The lead kisser’s role is to hold the neck of the follow kisser and initiate the kissing. The one who takes up the lead role is the one who controls the kissing process. The lead kisser should caress the neck of the fellow kisser gently in light circular motions. The follow kisser should be caressing the body of the lead kisser like the back, shoulders, hips and breasts.

4. Take things slowly

This is your moment of happiness, joy and fun, do not rush things up. Build up intimacy slowly by playing with each other’s tongues and sucking the lips moving from one side to another. Start by simple shallow kisses and advance into deep passionate kisses.

5. Move to other body parts

Do not get stuck on the lips and mouth alone. Start exploring the cheeks and ears, descend to the neck, the breasts and all the way down. Erotic spots vary from one person to another so be keen to notice where your lover fancies most.

6. Tease your partner

Remember you are having fun so do all that will steam things up. Teasing makes kissing more enjoyable. Once in a while gently bite your partner’s lips, poke their ribs a little and touch their sensitive parts. Stimulate their feelings from all over their body. Make them feel lively.


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