6 Key signs your husband/boyfriend is cheating on you with your bestfriend


Unless you tame your man, he can easily run loose. When he does, he might land right into your backyard; on your best friend. Those nice things you always tell your best friend  make her interested in your boyfriend or husband. Since the three of you might be close and meet regularly, it becomes easy for him to seduce her. No matter how hard they try to hide it, there must be subtle signs that they are up to something mischievous. I appreciate the value of friends in relationships. However, it is always safer to keep a third eye open; just in case. Let us now look at the indicators that your husband or boyfriend might be cheating on you with your best friend.

1. He asks about her a lot

You should be the focus of attention. But instead, your lover pays more attention about your bestie. Whenever you meet him the first thing he asks about is her. His major interest is knowing how she is doing, where she is and who she is with. Literally he turns you into a private detective to give him constant updates about her. More so, he gets offended if you tell him she is with another guy or her boyfriend.

2. He acts different when he meets the two of you

Be keen on how he behaves when he meets the two of you. There is a key pointer like always going for a hug that he does not want to break away from. He keeps touching her when talking. Wants to sit next to her. He maintains zero distance between them. Watch out, there legs might be touching down there or his hand on her thighs below the table.

3. He is over concerned about her

It’s okay for a gentleman to care about the friends of his girlfriend or wife. Nevertheless, some care can be out rightly ill intended and harmful to your relationship. You can find him sending her money whenever in need. He buys her very expensive gifts on her birthdays. The funny part is he  makes excuses when you ask for money. He is always concerned and willing to solve any issues affecting her. He just wants to ensure she is always happy. Like he is her guardian angel.

4. He frequently calls or texts her

The communication between him and your friends should be very minimal, if any. You cannot let your man be in constant communication with your friend. That is where love starts from. The more they communicate, the more they get used to each other. Then they take you out of the equation. If your man is always talking or chatting with your friend, be careful. Sometimes you may notice he talks or texts her more than you.

5. Your gut tells you so

The gut feeling is always right. Of course unless you don’t know how to read or interpret it. Never doubt your instincts. They are in constant link with reality and if they tell you they are having an affair don’t dismiss it. The best you can do is lay a bait and find out for yourself.  Your gut will tell you things that are going on behind your back. Learn to listen to it.

6. He always compliment her

Your man should always be showering you with praises. You should be outstanding among many. He has to be noticing and appreciating your efforts and looks. Although, if he is always complimenting your friend, then he is up to something. He will be congratulating her every effort. Most of the time they will flirt even in your presence. You may realize he enjoys talking to her much and they leave you out of the communication. When it gets worse, he will start to ignore or dismiss your input.


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