6 Clear signs he only wants to be your friend and nothing more


When it comes to attraction and seduction, things might not turn out the way you always expect. There are people you meet and hope for more but end up just frustrated. Men in particular are very hard to change their mind. Ooh! I mean the real gentlemen; alpha men. When an alpha man is not attracted to you, don’t even bother trying, simply let him be. The following are characteristics of a man who only want to be your friend and nothing more.

1. He keeps his physical space

If a guy is in love with you, he will want to get closer to you and be intimate. He will want to embrace, hold, touch, kiss, caress and make love to you. However, when a gentleman only wants to be your friend, the best you can get is a casual hug. Maintaining personal space is a clear sign he only sees you as a friend. Should you try to cross the boundary, he will either stop you or avoid you altogether.

2. He seduces your friends

A guy who has no intentions of dating you will just hook up with any of your friends. He does not have any hindrance and knows he is hurting no one. It is even possible for him to ask you to introduce him to your friend. This is one of the serious sign that you do not feature anywhere in his to-date list.

3. He normally introduce you as a friend

A man in love can even introduce a lady he just met as his wife to scare away predators. He will shower you with all the sweet romantic names. If he is proud of being with you, he will want everyone to know you are his woman. Nonetheless, if he is normally introducing you as a friend, you are a friend and that is where you will be. He wants to set the record straight so that anyone else interested can go ahead and have a pass at you. More so, he wants to make things crystal clear so that you don’t mistake him.

4. He doesn’t make a move at you

Men are not good at holding back their emotions and hiding their feelings. If he likes you he will say it or show it. He might pretend for a while but you can still tell if he is interested. Lack of interest too will be obvious. If you have been friends for a while and he is just there making no move, he has no plans for it. He is comfortable being your friend and not your lover.

5. He wants to hang out in groups

Apparently the alone private time you have been hoping for is nowhere. Every time you invite him to your place, he brings friends along. When you want to visit him, he welcomes you only when friends are around. He overshadows any window of compromise and ensures you remain in a safe and respectable distance. He is more comfortable while in a group but might avoid being with you alone.

6. He never initiates communication

If he wants to keep you in the friend zone then he will make no effort to initiate any communication. Should he even initiate, it will be mostly on general informative topics. He might just call or text to check on you and that’s all. Whenever you initiate the communication, his responses are brief and dodgy. He may not entertain romantic talks or anything geared towards that.


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