6 Clear reasons why men love shy ladies


The art of attraction varies from one class of men to another. Whereas some men fall for the bold women, others prefer the shy type. Each group has its reasons for their choices. However, the group that is topping charts in driving men crazy is the shy ladies. Shy ladies have taken over the love arena and every man is out chasing after them. They have specific features that make them stand out among many. Here is why men love shy ladies.

1. They allow men to dominate

Alpha men like to be on top of things. They do not want to compete with ladies for dominancy. Men being the head of a relationship and family want to maintain the status quo. Shy ladies offer them exactly that and men adore them for it. In that regard, men know they need to protect them. What can be more important to a guy other than to protect the lady he loves?  Shy girls trust the ability of their men to run things correctly and they let them. A guy will always love and respect a lady who allows him to head the relationship.

2. They rarely cheat

All factors constant, a bold lady is more likely to cheat than a shy girl. I know this is subject for discussion but a man will be more comfortable with a shy lady. Since shy ladies don’t interact with many people, they are less predisposed to cheating temptations. More so, they like spending time alone and fear visiting other men’s houses. This gives men the confidence that they can stay safe even when they are not around.

3. They don’t easily get their men in trouble

Shy girls mostly do stay out of trouble. They always avoid places like the clubs where they are more likely to expose themselves to violence. Besides, they never have a direct confrontation with others that may necessitate their lovers to intervene. With that, they keep their men out of trouble since a man can never let something happen to her under his watch. They are peace loving and will always calm their men and ask them to stay out of trouble.

4. They are more loving and caring

Shy girls do love and care sincerely. They have no reason to act out or pretend. To them, what they have is what is theirs. Their hearts are only open to men they feel deserve it and close everyone else out. They spend a lot of time alone pondering on how better to love and care for their boyfriends. Making their lovers happier and strengthening their relationships are their main focus. They have no time for gossiping or comparing their lovers to other guys.

5. They are mysterious

Mystery makes a relationship very interesting. It is very difficult to read the mind of a shy girl. This makes men curious. Since they never talk much, they never reveal much. That is the beauty of love. Leaving puzzle for men to solve puts them up to task. Even if men know they can’t understand them, they still try to. They only share what is enough and leave their men to discover the rest for themselves.

6. They are good at keeping secrets

Relationships have dark secrets that men like them to remain in-house. Ladies with loose tongues will run around exposing every secret of their private matters. They want to share all that their lovers told them or did. On the other hand, shy girls guard their private matters with their life. They never open up to their friends on matters concerning their loved ones. This makes men to trust them with their secrets. They can count on them all the time and that is a good source of security and trust.



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