5 Sure signs your relationship is headed for a break up


It is very bad when you are caught unaware by a break up. You deserve to have some slight idea so that you can prepare for it. Break ups are unpleasant and we all wish they never occurred. In most cases, the events leading to a break up are very clear. The signs are so bold and easy to be seen. However, we always ignore the red flags no wonder we end up in tears. These signs are a clear pointer that your relationship is on the rocks and heading for a break up.

1. Gradual reduction in communication

A shaking relationship will mostly have communication problems in general. This normally present with a gradual reduction in the frequency of communication. For instance, your lover tells you, “I’m too busy,” even when you know it isn’t true. They might also start spending more time with friends or doing trivial things to avoid you. More so, less frequent visits, phone calls, text messages or emails. Your phone calls goes unanswered and your texts unreplied.

2. You are always arguing, quarreling or fighting

When your relationship reaches a point where you do not agree on anything, it’s heading the wrong way. Sometimes it becomes difficult spending time together. It is normal to disagree or argue or quarrel in a relationship. However, if it gets to a point when the intensity becomes unbearable or physical fights comes in, that relationship is doomed.  If the fights are present even over the most insignificant things, it could mean you are taking steps towards a break up.

3. You feel lonely in the relationship

Sometimes a relationship gets to a point when the presence of your lover does not even matter. You may appear to be a perfect couple to the outside world but deep within you feels so empty and lonely. The sweet connection that used to be there is gone and you would rather be alone. That is a subtle sign that your good days in that relationship are over. Since the relationship has lost its sense, the next move becomes a break up.

4. Loss of intimacy

It is the intimacy that makes you a couple and not just roommates or friends. It is necessary to nurture and grow your intimacy, passion and love for the success of a relationship. If the romance, love and intimacy are dying in your relationship, then the relationship itself dies with them. Unless you can find a way to rekindle the flames of love and intimacy, a break up is inevitable.

5. Public Display of Affection (PDA) disappears

This is also a serious red flag. If you used to hold hands, hug or kiss in public and now they are all gone. It reaches a point that you are even afraid to walk with each other. Those cute photos you used to post on social media are no longer posted and old ones pulled down. You start to deny each other publicly or declare yourselves single when you meet prospective lovers. This is an eye opener that you should pack your bags, a break up is imminent.


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