5 Sure signs he wants to marry you


After dating for a while, it is normal to start expecting the big question. A relationship cannot just be stuck on dating. You need to move on to other stages like engagement and marriage. The problem is some guys are never serious. They just want to toy around with you. Others fear commitment and responsibilities in marriage.

What is more painful sometimes is he ends up marrying a lady they met 6 months ago and yet he dated you for years without even a simple introduction to his family. Many ladies get so restless when a man fails to show some commitment. That’s why i decided to inform you on the typical signs that proves he has had it all and now wants to settle down with you.

1. He wants to meet your people

Introduction to you parents, siblings and relatives is a positive sign. A man who is not serious or who is yet to make up his mind will keep dodging them. Even the slight idea of talking with them on phone freaks him out. When the right time comes and his mind is made up having chosen you among many, he will be begging you to introduce him. The idea of meeting your people will be exciting him. Even the night before introduction he might lack sleep all night. He will as well inform his close friends and family about you.

2. He includes you in his future plans

When he starts to change phrases from “I want to do this” to “we should do this”, he is headed the right direction. You will see him seek your opinion and include you in what he does. He will consult you about investment plans and take your opinion into consideration. If he as well shows concern about your goals and aspirations and is willing to support you. He paints his future roadmap and you clearly see yourself in the center of it.

3. He delegates duties to you

If he starts to assign you duties to do for him then he takes you serious. Am not talking about telling you to wash his clothes, clean the house and other simple chores. I mean real duties like attending a funds drive for him, visiting his sibling at school during visiting  days or overseeing a construction project. This means he trusts you and believes you can step in his shoes and run things just fine. It also shows he is willing to make you his better half and take over the role of his wife.

4.He asks for your company

As time for marriage comes near, he will want more of your company. He will take you out on vacations, dates, dinners, to watch movies or just spend time at his home. He will always invite you to functions like company parties or charity functions. This is the time he wants the whole world to know you are his girl. He wants to make it clear to all hyenas out there that you are taken. Even when doing simple things like going to the shop he will want you to tag along.

5. He increases communication

This is the time he becomes communication conscious. He will be checking on you frequently. Messages and phone calls will automatically increase. He becomes very concerned about your welfare and cares a lot about your happiness. You start to connect well when talking and there is free and easy flow of communication.



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