5 Sure hints he wants to propose to you


The best way to pull off an engagement is to ensure you catch her by surprise.  This is one of the sweetest moments of a relationship. Engagement is a good sign of commitment and readiness to settle down. Every lady wants to know that she is your ultimate choice and you intent to spend the rest of your life with her. When a guy is preparing to propose, you will have a clue if you are keen enough. The following signs will definitely give you a hint that he is planning to propose to you.

1. He introduces you to his family and friends

When a guy is warming up to a proposal, he will want to make you known to his family and friends. An introduction is usually a good show of an imminent proposal.  A man who is not ready to commit himself will never bother to show you off to his loved ones. He will also be willing to take you with him to family functions, parties or special events.

2. He suddenly becomes conscious about savings

Whenever the time to commit nears, a guy will become keen on saving. He understands the tough responsibility ahead and wants to secure your financial future. He therefore cuts down on unnecessary expenses. If he used to party a lot, drink recklessly and shop carelessly, he tones down. His money is now channeled to his account and development projects.

3. He is acting secretive and a bit strange

Pulling off a surprise engagement is never a walk in the park. When you have to make sure you catch her totally unaware then it is inevitable to be a little strange. Hiding the preparations from her is very difficult especially when you two are close. When your boyfriend becomes secretive and acting strange all over a sudden and yet there no issues in your relationship, just relax and wait for it. The boy child is in the kitchen working on ingredients to make you his forever. Make sure everything is okay in your relationship. Some guys may act secretive and strange because they are either cheating on you or want to dump you.

4. He spends more time with you

Before a man gets serious with you, he might just stick to his normal routine. He will keep hanging out with friends, watching his favorite sports and staying out late. Once a time for engagement nears, he wants to spend every single moment with you. He wants to get to know you better and bring out the best in you.  Time spend with friends is drastically reduced and instead dedicated to you. If your boyfriend has started giving you much attention and showing much interest in you, he is up to something good.

5. He becomes interested in your jewelry

If he wants to propose, he will want to know the size of your ring. Instead of asking directly that you might easily notice, he will opt to take you jewelry shopping. Out there, he will find a way to get you to test a ring and note its size. He might also be interested in the types of rings you prefer. This he can task your best friend to get him the information or simply observe you at a jewelry store.


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