5 Signs you are very insecure in your relationship


Insecurity is one of the major challenges facing many relationships currently. Unfortunately some even do not know that they are acting insecure. They are so used to it until they think it is the normal thing to do. Whereas relationships are meant to make us feel safe, secure and confident, at times the direct opposite happens. Insecurity can be triggered by direct actions from your partner or simply inability to keep yourself in check. These are the top signs that you are very insecure in your relationship

Constantly suspecting or accusing your partner of cheating

In most cases, insecurity is directly linked to cheating claims. When you keep on suspecting your lover of cheating, it most probably is due to insecurity. Sometimes it might be true they are cheating while other times you are just being paranoid. When you begin to be engraved with the cheating mentality, you will not have peace in your relationship. Whenever you are away from your lover, you will just be thinking that they are cheating on you. The way they dress, talk and behave becomes indicators of infidelity. If you are in this state of suspecting or accusing your lover of unfaithfulness with no apparent prove then you are very insecure.

Stalking your partner

There is this temptation that some people get to want to follow their partner and see what they are up to or who they are with. That is a serious sign of insecurity. It is an infringement of the right to privacy, freedom of movement and interaction. Even when dating someone, you don’t have any obligation to watch over them like little children. Stalkers are the worst class of insecure people. They will want to have you in their sight at every moment without you noticing. If you keep on trailing your lover to check on their whereabouts then you are very insecure.

Following your partner on social media

Social media is one of the places where people easily interact. There is also a great possibility of hooking up with other users. If you are the kind of person who always wants to know who your partner is chatting with, sending photos to or liking their pictures then you are very insecure. Those who have things under control in their relationships don’t bother about the social life of their lover. They allow them space to enjoy their social life in peace.

Demanding access to your partner’s phone and other electronics

You need to keep off your partner’s electronics unless you two are okay with that. Such an arrangement should include unvetted access to each other’s gadgets mutually. Let it not be like one wants to check the other’s gadget and yet they don’t allow theirs to be touched. Demanding access to your partner’s electronics is a top sign of insecurity. You should let your partner have some privacy with their devices. However, if you feel like you need to share them freely, then talk to them first and agree on it.

You need frequent reassurance and approval

Some people have low self-esteem and thus rely on others’ approval for their life happiness. You have to believe in yourself and acknowledge that you are good enough. Your partners does not have to be reminding you that you are beautiful or handsome for you to feel so. When you reach a point where you always long for the assurance of your partner then you are insecure. You want them to praise you and compliment you all the time. More so, keeping on asking your partner if he/she still loves you every now and then is also a sign of insecurity.


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