5 Signs you are dating a controlling boyfriend


Dating has never been easy. The individual differences between you two may strain things further. No matter how you view it, there just can’t be a perfect match. The best you can get for those who seem very compatible is 80%. 20% will always be missing. The higher the compatibility, the better the relationship. However, some men are very controlling in their relationship. They take ladies as less important instead of equals. They control every aspect of the relationship leaving ladies to be mere subordinates. These are the characteristics of a very controlling boyfriend.

1. He demands your phone and social media passwords

In this new era, everyone deserves the right to some privacy. It is your choice to make whether to allow your lover access to your phone and social media or not.  Even if you have nothing to hide, when someone trusts you, there is no need for such a massive invasion of privacy. If your boyfriend wants unlimited access to all your accounts and stalks your every move then he is the controlling type.

2. He ignores your opinion, suggestions and ideas

Just take a minute and think of any of your ideas, opinion or suggestions that your boyfriend has followed. A guy who loves and cares for you will respect your opinion and input. Even if he makes final decisions but your input will feature somewhere. A controlling lover will simply brush off your opinion or even never give you a chance to express yourself. Despite claiming he loves you, he will never share his future plans with you nor care about your goals, aspirations and dreams.

3. He is emotionally and physically abusive

Being controlling and being abusive go hand in hand.  You will rarely meet a controlling lover who is not abusive. Since he wants to micro-manage every step of your life, any resistance will be dealt with physically. He will also torment you emotionally with numerous insults. To him you are nothing and thus he can do to you anything he wants and address you the way he so desires. He will make you feel useless and ultimately lower your self-esteem.

4. He isolates you from family and friends

This is what a controlling guy counts on most. He wants to cut your ties from the possible help you can get and leave you totally vulnerable. Once he is sure you cannot share freely with friends and family, he now treats you the way he wants. He may even physically abuse or emotionally torture you when you report him. You therefore remain at his mercies and he can then drive you left right center as per his wish. Because you are not in a position to stand up for yourself, you have no choice but to comply.

5. He is paranoid and very insecure

The major contributor to being controlling is being insecure or paranoid. A guy who is secure will never put his lady on a tight leash or control her. A controlling man thinks you can be stolen from him at any point. He wants you in his pocket every given moment to feel safe. This might be because he thinks he is not good enough for you. He might also be scared that other better looking and more successful men out there are after you and hence he needs to do all he can to keep you to himself. Mostly he is fragile and with a low sense of self-worth.


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