5 Signs you are acting very desperate in your relationship


Being so desperate is a very awkward situation you can ever find yourself in when dating. Sometimes relationships turn you into something you never imagined you can be. They change your view of things and make you so vulnerable. Everyone becomes desperate at some point in a relationship. It is a normal thing but the extent to which is what matters most. There are actions that will make you come out as out rightly desperate in a relationship. These are the top signs that you are acting so desperate in your relationship.

Double texting or calling when you don’t get a response

After sending your partner a message, you definitely expect an answer. However, sometimes it takes ages for that answer to come, if any. So you get the temptation so send a follow up text. When you still don’t get the reply, you decide to call and call and call. This will paint you as very desperate. The most common is when you send a WhatsApp text, you see blue ticks meaning it has been read, someone is online and there is no reply. If you are caught in such a situation, try to resist the temptation to send another text or call. I know it might be paining you so much but it is the right thing to do. Am sure whoever is ignoring your text has his/her reasons. Just find something else to do or someone else to talk to.

Giving too many compliments

It is so cool to compliment your lover whenever they look wow. Nonetheless, compliments should be sincere and not too obvious. Fake compliments can easily be identified by a smart partner. You should not just  be complimenting your lover whenever and wherever you meet. Too many compliments make you look desperate and an attention seeker. Even on social media, do not be the kind of person who keeps liking and complimenting every picture they post. Simply compliment on those you honestly feel are so stunning and ignore the rest. No one will feel offended about that but instead they  will know you are sincere.

Making surprise visits to your partner’s place

Everybody is entitled to their privacy and alone time. Simply because you are in love does not give you the right to visit them whenever you like. Actually you are not supposed to visit someone without an invitation or express permission. Surprise visits are signs of desperation, lack of trust and insecurity. It is an infringement to the right of privacy and a major turn off. Let your partner know you are mature enough to trust them and allow them to enjoy their privacy while at their places.

Agreeing to everything

Some people thing when they say no to something then their lover might dump them. Quite on the contrary, learning to say no when need be is a show of confidence, maturity and being in control. Never lower your standards until your partner sees you as cheap and desperate. You are at liberty to agree to what is okay with you and decline to what you don’t want. That way you earn their respect and attention. There is absolutely no fault in saying no. Always be yourself and put things the way you want them to be. If your lover wants to meet you yet you are held up with something else, respectively decline with an honest reason.

Wanting too much too soon

Relationships go through stages. Things are meant to progress slowly until you reach the pic of the relationship and possibly advance into marriage. Having too many expectations and asking for too much is a show of desperation. You cannot be in your first week of dating and you want commitment and exclusivity. Your relationship is barely two months old and yet you want to be introduced to family and friends. Asking for too much when at the early stages of your relationship will paint you as desperate and nagging. Take things easy and let nature play its course.


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