5 Reasons why your relationship needs a break


It reaches a point in a relationship when taking a break is very necessary. Although taking a break freaks people out, it is a good thing to do for the right reasons. Many view taking a break as a silent break up but actually it can help meant relationship issues. It might be the secret ingredient you desperately need to take your relationship to the next level. Let us look at some of the reasons why a couple may decide to take a break.

1. To re-evaluate your relationship

Relationships need frequent evaluation. You have to rethink your state of the relationship and gauge its effectiveness. There is the need to weigh the pros and cons. Sometimes you enter into a relationship when you are so young and naïve. After dating for a while and you have matured up, you can take a break to assess your stand on the relationship. Both of you will get enough time to introspect and understand what you are really up to.

2. If there is someone else

Just because you are dating does not mean you cannot be attracted to someone else. Balancing between a crush on someone else and affection for your lover might be challenging. Should you be unable to keep your feelings in check, better take a break. You will have enough time to make up your mind on who you want to be with. At least you will not be cheating on your lover and your judgment will not be impaired. This is not meant to have you get romantically involved with the other person but rather have a clear conscience to examine him/her.

3. To do what you really want to do

You have your individual goals, plans and dreams.  If being in a relationship is hindering you from doing what you really want, it is good to take a break. This can help avoid issues especially when your lover is not okay with it. Your happiness lies solely in your hands and no one should take that from you. Your lover is supposed to compliment and support your dreams. However, if the case is different and you have a strong conviction to do what you want to do, take a break and meet your expectations. This can be to study, pursue your career or simply have some fun. Taking a break from relationships when the time is right can clear a path for positive developments.

4. For time to cool down

After a fight, sharp misunderstanding or a serious disagreement, a break is in order. When going through a tough time, you might make hasty decisions out of anger and ruin your relationship. You deserve time so that your anger, sadness and resentment can cool down. During the break, you will have enough time to get to the bottom of the issues you are having. Furthermore, you have to look at your role in the conflict your relationship is facing and come up with ways to resolve them.

5. When you doubt your feelings for your partner

At times the love and affection line dims so much that you are not sure anymore if you are in love. This can be a mutual feeling or from one of the partner. You get used to each other until seeing them no longer makes you happy. Times spend together lacks fun and you just feel lost. This is the time to take a break and think things through. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. While on the break, your feelings might come back again. The flames of love and affection might be rekindled.


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