5 Reasons why some people prefer friends with benefits


Lately, some people are opting to have friends with benefits rather than real relationships. There are a number of reasons that influence their choice for such arrangements. A friend with benefit is someone you mutually satisfy each other’s needs with no strings attached. For instance, a guy and a lady agree to have a sexual relationship with no ties or commitment to each other. Their main area of focus is to meet each other’s sexual desires. However, sometimes such arrangements are not always limited to sex. They are just informal ways friends find themselves fulfilling each other’s desires.

There are no commitments

When it comes to friendship with benefits, there are no any commitments needed. Your partner has no any rights to dictate to you what to do and what not to. It has no such responsibilities or entitlement. You are just as free as any single person out there only that your sexual and other needs are being met. You are at liberty to devote your time to whoever you want without offending someone. No one can claim you neither can you claim someone to be yours.

There are no expectations

You are not entitled to anything thus you can’t expect anything. Unlike in real relationships where one expects it to grow from dating to engagement then marriage, here there are no expectations. You just have fun and that is all. As long as you both get what you want and are happy, life goes on. The extent to which you will keep being friends with benefits depends on how fast any of you finds a lover or you end things.

There is total freedom

This kind of arrangement has total freedom for all the involved parties. Remember you are not dating. You have all the time in the world to do all that you want. No one can push you around or plan for your time. It is you to decide when to meet your partner and when not to. You also can make plans and cancel them as you wish. Here is where you are free to concentrate on your career, studies, hobbies, life goals or just having fun in life.

Very easy to end

Friends with benefits do understand the true nature of their relationship. You are not supposed to attach feelings to it or invest your emotions in it. Such arrangements can end at a flick of a finger and you have to be ready to accept and move on. There is usually nothing to debate about whenever one wants to end it. Therefore, you have to be ready for anything anytime. One thing you should know about friends with benefits is that they also disagree, fight, argue or have misunderstandings. It is only that with them, ending their relationship is so simple.

No attention required

With this setup, no one will demand for your attention. It’s just the way you please. You can only communicate when you feel like and even ignore one another when need be. No one will question why you went silent. You can like their photos or not, compliment them or not and create time for them or not. The decision to be present or disappear solely lies with you and no one bothers to know your reasons.


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