5 Reasons why ladies always see you just as a friend


When you meet a lady you plan to date, you have to put her in the right mindset for it. Failure to which will automatically place you in the friend zone.  I can confirm to you that moving from the friend zone to become a lover is one of the hardest things in the dating sphere. It is always good to take things slow but there are certain hints you have to drop along the way for her to have an insight of what you want and where to classify you. Here are the reasons why ladies might be seeing you just as a friend

1. You wait way too long before making a move

A lady will always grant you a grace period to make your intentions known. Should you surpass the dateline without proper intent, she will drop you in the friendship box and move on. You always have to be proactive and calculative. Know the time to take it slow and when to finally make a move. Don’t wait till she runs out expectations is when you start asking her out. Basically, three encounters with her are enough for you to make a move.

2. You always pretend friendship is all you want

Men are used to coming out as friends before making the move. That is okay as it helps build rapport and make her be comfortable around you. However, you need not to cling on the friendship aspect until you lose focus of your endgame. Your main aim was to seduce her and not to keep her as a friend. Therefore, once you two are getting to know each other better, break the bounds and make a move. Never let the fear of approaching her keep you in the friend zone forever. Have a plan from the start on how long the friendship should last before making a move.

3. You lack boldness and confidence

No lady wants to be with a shy and timid guy. She wants an adventurous and confident guy. You are the one to run the relationship and thus should show your leadership abilities from the word go. Always playing it safe is a great way to make women feel comfortable around you. It doesn’t necessarily get them aroused or sexually attracted to you. Know to what extend to play safe and to what extend to go for it. That is what every lady wants her dude to be; a go-getter.

4. You give up so easily

Dating is a risk taking venture that requires great determination. They say persistence wears resistance. Though this might not work in all occasions, it does in most cases. If you are truly convinced that she is meant for you, go for her and don’t back down. Just because she acts disinterested does not mean things will remain that way forever. Ladies at times take longer to get attracted to a guy. More so, you might not have reached her attraction center just yet, hence soldier on. Since ladies don’t want to look cheap, she might simply be playing hard to get but actually she is very much in love with you too. Never give up on someone you truly believe belongs to you. Always follow for your heart and fight for what you believe in.

5. You are too dependent and indecisive

As a guy, you need to be up to the challenge most of the time. You have to prove to her that she can actually count on you to keep her safe and run things smoothly. You should not always be in doubt and running to her for help. Normally it should be the other way round. When you take good care of yourself then she can know you can take care of her too. There is no way your own life will be in shambles and expect her to entrust hers to you. You need to be independent and decisive for her to give you a green light to date her.


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