5 Major tips on how to win and keep a man for good


Relationships have turned into some cat and mouse games. Most men are just after satisfying the desires of their flesh while most women are just after financial gains. Hit and run has become a common act in dating spheres. Many have undergone so many heartbreaks until they just hate members of the opposite gender. Some have lost hope completely. Well, am here to help.

Even though there are so many joker men who just want to use women and dump them, they have their medicine too. In fact, most of them come with a prescription already; you only have to serve them the right dose. Taming a man is as simple as a b c d. Your task is to know who, how and when. Whereas understanding a woman is a big mystery, a man can be read like the palm of your hand. Today i venture into teaching you how to keep the man you love forever.

1. Love and treat yourself well

For you to attract a man and successfully keep him, you have to look good and behave well. It all starts with how much you value yourself. Loving yourself gives you a sense of self-worth and confidence. That is what men look for in women. A guy who knows you cherish yourself will definitely treat you as such. He will carry you exactly the same way you carry yourself. Therefore, make it known unto him from the beginning that you are a priceless treasure and he will forever handle you with utmost care.

2. Honor and respect him

Good behavior is paramount for there to be a good relationship. Men have got tall ego so they do not like to be disrespected. A man will rarely stay in a relationship in which his sense of manhood is compromised. Learn to show honor and respect to your man and you will live long together. Respect his plans, opinion, aspirations, feelings and wishes. You should have a say yes, but it is good to leave some final decisions for him to make.

3. Give him some space

Just because you are in love with him should not be the reason to watch over him 24/7. Men need space to put things into perspective, to think and plan. They also desire some alone time with their crew to clear their head. If he asks for some alone time, please allow him. Sometimes you do not have to wait for him to ask, if you know him well, you will tell when to. Remember you too need some alone time.

4. Learn to sacrifice for him

If you keep doing what you have been doing, you will still get similar results. If you are tired of men who come and go, break your routine to keep the current one. You have to compromise and show him you truly care about him. You have to let him know you are ready and willing to sacrifice for him. That is a good show of dedication, loyalty and commitment and he will adore you for that. The fun part is a gentleman will reciprocate those good deeds you do for him. It is always a win-win situation if you play your cards well.

5. Strengthen your relationship

I always tell ladies that you are the chief architect of your relationships. The extend of which your relationship will go depends majorly on you. A man is like fine clay and you as the potter need a specific skill set to mold him into the vessel of your choice. Create time to be with your lover and get to know each other well. Go for vacations, dates, nature walks or just hang out the two of you to strengthen your bond. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and in the process you will be making him vulnerable as well. Make your man laugh and enjoy the fun part of you. Do not withhold things from him nor act strange; just be yourself.


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