5 Major reasons why men fear approaching very beautiful ladies


It is one thing to be attracted to a beautiful lady and another to make a move. Whereas every guy wants a very gorgeous lady beside him, only a few make the initiative. Very beautiful and attractive ladies are less approached compared to their average counterparts. This is mainly because most men fear them and only admire them from a safe distance. Then they come up with all sorts of lame excuses and bad attitude towards beautiful ladies. Here are the reasons why most men fear seducing very beautiful ladies.

1. They assume very beautiful ladies already have boyfriends

This is the worst assumption most men are carrying around daily. Whenever they see a gorgeous lady, they automatically assume she is dating some rich guy with a great profession. They think she is in a very serious relationship and cannot by any chance be won. The truth is most of the very beautiful ladies you see around are single and lonely.  They are just praying for guys to master some courage and approach them. Most of these gorgeous ladies I interact with tell me even if they have boyfriends, they don’t mind being seduced. Some say they might be in relationships that are not working so they need other men to move on with.

2. They fear being rejected

Before a guy approaches a lady, he always considers the possibility of being accepted or rejected. If the likelihood of being rejected outweighs that of being accepted, he might decide to forego the move. The self-esteem a man has plays a critical role here. A guy who believes in himself will approach any lady no matter how beautiful she is. However, most men do not believe in their ability to win very beautiful women no wonder they simply avoid them. They think they are not good enough for her or their looks does not match her beauty.

3. They think very attractive ladies will definitely cheat

One stereotype attached to very beautiful ladies is that they can’t stick to one man. Most men think gorgeous women must just cheat. Such a stereotype is very out fashioned and untrue. Actually they  are the most faithful and very loyal. Once a stunning lady finds a guy she truly loves, she dedicates her heart to him and love him unconditionally. She will be so proud of her boyfriend that she will keep bragging about him to her friends. Yes she can have many male friends but she clearly knows her boundaries. She just can’t entertain the idea of betraying her boyfriend and never dares to try.

4. They consider them as being gold-diggers

Most men consider pretty ladies as being so demanding and money centered.  They assume such ladies will only milk their accounts dry them vanish into thin air. When they think about her outfits, cosmetics, jewelry and bills, they just get sick. They assume it is too much to handle and a huge burden to bear. The truth of the matter is, most of these outstanding ladies are real hustlers who make their own honest living. They are miss independents who comfortably meet their own needs and expenses. All they want is a sincere heart to love. Not unless you run into a gold-digging type but most of them are loving, understanding, supportive and very responsible.

5. They fear being heartbroken

The end game matters a great deal to men. They fear that they might get better looking, more successful men and leave them. Mostly men think a pretty lady will keep jumping from one guy to another until she lands on the best. What they fail to understand is they might be the best guys these ladies have ever been dreaming about. The idea of there being better guys who can easily snatch them is wrong. Men need to believe in their ability to be the ultimate lover and stop worrying about someone else taking their women from them.


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