5 Clear signs your mother-in-law hates you


Your mother-in-law is a key determiner of how well your marriage life can be. Particularly when you stay in the same homestead or neighborhood. Normally mothers have very high expectations of who their sons should marry. However, most of them are poor at hiding their emotions and attitude. You can tell from the word go if she loves or hates you. To avoid so many dramas in the family, it is good to know the signs of hatred from the mother-in-law. These are the indicators that your mother-in-law hates you and my advice on each.

1. She keeps talking about your husband’s ex

This is a clear sign that she is not into you. When your mother-in-law hates you, she will want to make it known unto you that you are far less than his ex. she will keep bringing up the good memories of your husband’s ex. In other words, she is regretting why he married you and not the previous lover. Unless you find a way to stop her or ignore it, it might really hurt your feelings. She might also still be keeping in touch with her and wants her to reunite with her son.

My advice: Work on strengthening love, affection and the bond between you and your husband. Deny him any reason for going back to his ex. You can also ask him nicely to talk to his mother about the issue.

2. Your gut feeling

Your instincts are always right especially on matters concerning how people feel about you. If she hates you, your gut will clearly give you a sign. You realize that you two have difficulties getting along. Time spend with her is exhausting and draining. You feel happy when away from her or when there is a third party like your husband. Intuition is a powerful tool that everyone carries; never ignore it.

My advice: Re-evaluate your feeling to make sure you are not overreacting or mistaken. Keep being good to her and minimize spending time together with her.

3. She always ignores you

As a sign of hatred, she can decide to shut you out. She will ignore your input, opinion, ideas, offers and contributions. You basically become a nobody to her and your presence does not matter. She will neither include you in family discussions about the future nor invite you to functions. At times she might make an effort to set up your husband with other ladies even in your presence.

My advice: Keep a safe distance from her. Offer your input or contribution only when needed and simply mind your own business.

4. She criticizes everything you do

It is very difficult to hide hatred. If she hates you, she will hate everything concerning you. Everything you do becomes a mistake to her. She will see nothing good in you but instead criticize all that you do no matter how well it may seem.

My advice: Keep doing what you do and even do it better. Never criticize her back or revenge. Put on your best smile and let life move on like nothing is happening.

5. She causes conflict between you and your husband

When she hates you, she wants you out of her family. The best way to achieve that is by causing a rift between you and your husband. She will be reporting each and every mistake you do to your husband.  More so, she might just be making things up simply to cause the conflict in your marriage. Her joy is to see you two disagree or your husband throwing you out.

My advice: Work on ensuring nothing comes in between you and your husband. Make sure your husband sides with you always.


You have to find out the cause of her hatred towards you. If you are the cause and you can change them then do so. If they are beyond your control then accept and learn to live with it. Should things worsen then talk to your husband about staying away from his family. Marriage is meant for a husband and wife leaving their families to form a family of their own. Build your home somewhere else and leave happily.


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